If you thought the greying hair was the worst nightmare to hit you on the head as a sign of ageing, then trust us, you are yet to discover the beauty in white/silver. And, if you still doubt us, we have today gathered a set of 10 grey hairstyle trends that are going to convince you if not love that going grey is no more just limited to older women or grannies.

1. Gray+Black

Going ombre with a touch of black and grey is one of the trending combinations to try if you have long hair. With black on top and grey on the edges, the style will make you look no less than a real life Elsa.

2. Metallic Ombre

Metallic is not just a trending favourite in the world of footwear and clothing but also in the lustrous world of hair. With a graduated blend of silver, white and blonde, the look comes out stunning and glamorous.

3. Blonde With Gray Highlights

If your hair has just started to grey, this hairstyle and colour are the best to embrace the natural beautiful evolution. With an ash blonde hue and natural grey highlights, the look will come out impressive and appealing.

4. Blonde with Gray Undertones

If you are not quite ready to directly jump to completely grey, then light blonde with grey undertone is the colour to sport in style. You can always make the color greyer and blonder as per the personal preference.

5. Black+White+Gray

Greying hair can still benefit from the highlight, you just need to go for white instead of blonde. For a stylish transition, opt for grey, white and black intertwined together.

6. Silver With Blue

Another silver look to try this season is to go for complete silver with a blue tinge. Sparkling and captivating, the hair colour will look good with layers as well as short steps.

7. Snow White Hair

If you have a feathered short haircut, then include some grey at the ear line and at the nape of the neck. The hairstyle and colour are great for older women who want to keep the look simple but still add an edge to the haircut.

8. Modern Gray

If you are willing to bring a modern touch to the grey colour, try and go for an A-line cut. The long length on the front frames the face and beautifully highlights the colour in a curly or straight up do.

9. Gray With Lavender

Incorporating a rich vibrant shade like lavender will not just add a refreshing touch to the grey hair but also bring an instant highlighted effect that would not require any sort of bleaching. Just try and blend a soft pastel tone with the hair’s natural tone and you will be ready to rock the holiday season.

10. Edgy Gray Spike

For someone who is looking to go grey with a bit of edge, try adding grey to the spike (for women with short hair) or to the bangs (for women with long hair).

Opt for the preferred hairstyle trend and weave out the magic with trending granny hair.

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