If you are looking for a distinct makeover or just a slight change from your usual look, nothing is as impactful as a change of hair color. Depending on the requirement you can go for a look that is bold and edgy. And if you are not that much of the experimental kinds, you can also try a subtle update. 2016 witnessed some haircolor trends that made the year all the more glamorous and stylish. Since the year is coming to an end, we decided to get a quick rewind of the hair color trends that ruled 2016.

1. Rainbow bangs

rainbow bangs

rainbow bangs

Rainbow bangs are a perfect way to make a bold fashion statement without coloring all of your hair. The trend has been very popular in 2016. You can achieve so much variation with this style, from neon to bright rainbow.

2. Ronze


Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze. This hair color trend has been especially popular with the red heads. Interestingly, it works well on all complexions. Celebrities like Julianne Moore, Rihanna have all tried it and looked absolutely flawless.

3. Baby lights

baby lights

Babylights provides multiple dimensions to hair along with smooth highlights. It is a technique of applying very fine strands of color throughout the hair with plastic wrap. It is easy to maintain, no wonder it has been one of the most popular hair color trends.

4. Dark Roots

dark roots

Another technique of hair color that is low maintenance and easy on pocket too. But the result that you get is glamorous and sexy. It goes without saying that it is perfect for women with dark color hair since the roots have to be dark. You don’t have to bother about making sure if the color has went down well on the roots. So no need to fix a salon appointment for this, you can try it at home it is as easy.

5. Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde

This hair color trend broke the internet during the the end of 2015 and the popularity of it has been immense during 2016. The hair color looks striking and gorgeous but certainly not for everyone. Many celebs Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Katherine Heigl sported this hair color and but the one celeb we think best pulled it off is certainly the Hunger Games star Ms Lawrence.

6. Dip Dyed

dip dyed

Here is another way to add a hint of color to your hair without having to color all of your hair. The look is pure fun and perfect for all kinds of hair.

7. Opal Hair

opal hair

Another trend that took over the social media, especially Instagram! This one is certainly better than the rainbow hair color trend. It’s a blend of pearl and light pinks, blues, purples, or greens. Complement it with your favorite colored eyeshadows. This color certainly bring out the best of your bold avatar.

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