Women love to look beautiful and what better ways than with the crochet braid hairstyle that resembles their natural hair texture. While a modern lady can also opt for dreadlocks hairstyle, the crochet braids are a favorite to many because of different ways to style, easy to install, low maintenance to its protective function. If you believe you have everything figured out about braids, read on to find more ways on how to reinvent the crochet braid hairstyle.

Keke Palmer Crochet Braid with Twist

keke palmer crochet braid with twist

We can’t get enough of Keke Palmers jumbo twist crochet braid hairstyle which she spotted in Vanity Fair LA this year. You too can rock this cute hairstyle, all you need some cornrows, a latch hook tool, and mambo twist braids.

Kelly Rowland Crochet Braid Bob Cut

kelly rowland crochet braid bob cut

Chances are people will mistake this crochet braid hairstyle for your real hair texture. So if loose curls are what you love in crotchet braids then use this Kelly Rowland crotchet bob cut as your inspiration to get this trendy hairstyle.

Curly Crochet Braid Hair

curly crochet braid hair


The fun thing about crochet braids is that you can go for any color that suits your lifestyle. This curly crochet braid hair incorporates a few strands of blonde shades to give the black hair a vibrant look.

Suitable for an everyday work environment, this afro twist crochet braid brings out the facial features in a stunning way. The side parting frames the face in a beautiful way without the need to add bold makeup to stand out.

Crochet Braid High Bun

crochet braid high bun


When your makeup is on point, then you need an updo hairstyle to go with it. This natural twist hairstyle is made using chunky twists and styled into a high bun to ensure that the eyes and the lips also take center stage.

Beyonce Crochet Braid Box Braids

beyonce crochet braid box braids

While it’ easy for Beyonce’s to impress us with her music, what we love more about her is the way she can easily rock any braid color. In this look, she has allowed her long box braid in a honey blonde color to freely flow on her back.

Crochet Braid with Bangs

crochet braid with bangs


Crochet braids are easy to style and in this hairstyle; the lady uses curls to create side bangs that frame her face. The black hair color is perfect for a work environment and can complement any casual outfit. These crochet braids are in a shoulder length size. You may also See Flower Braid Hairstyle

Cornrow Crochet Braid Idea

cornrow crochet braid idea


With proper hair care routine, crochet braid hairstyle can last up to eight weeks. This cornrow crochet braid hairstyle involves adding long Senegalese twist in a blonde and black color. Since all the hair is braided down, it acts as a protective style.

Dreads Crochet Braid Hairdo

dreads crochet braid hairdo


Dreadlocks are one of the most popular natural and protective hairstyle. Wear your dreads crotchet braid in two different colors to create that romantic and sexy appeal. What’s interesting about this style is that you can still wash and moisturize your scalp.

Crochet Braid Jumbo Twist

crochet braid jumbo twist


When you go to purchase braids, you will get them in a wide variety of colors to suit your skin tone. Its worth your time and money when your twist braid hairstyle makes you elegant and beautiful just like this jumbo twist in a maroon color.

Black Curly Crochet Hair

black curly crochet hair


Trendy Crochet Hairstyle

trendy crochet hairstyle


Why Crochet Braids are Trendy

Crochet braid hairstyle is ideal for ladies who want to give their natural hair a break. With this hairstyle, you can still wash and condition your scalp. What makes this hairstyle protective is because it involves adding the braids to the cornrows which prevent any damages to your natural hair.

Short Crochet Braid Hairstyle

short crochet braid hairstyle


How to Choose Crochet Braids

When it comes to choosing crochet braid hairstyle you can either opt to add synthetic or human hair. While human hair is expensive and gives a more natural look as compared to synthetic ones, the trick to looking beautiful is to go for a hairstyle that resembles your natural hair texture.

Popular with black women, crochet braid hairstyle is ideal for those who need to transition from relaxed or perm to their natural hair. When it comes to braiding your hair, you can go for cornrow hairstyle, French braids, fishtail braids or even the popular box braids. So opt for crochet braid hairstyle which makes you look fabulous.

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