A hairstyle can change the looks of anyone and make them look like an entirely different person. There are many different hairstyles for men that have brought popularity and fame to them. The Braided hairstyle for men is trending now and many celebrities and sportsmen are going for the braided hairstyle in variations.

The braided hairstyle, when done in different ways, makes someone look cool, someone caring, someone smart and the list goes on. But one thing is for sure that this hairstyle adds an element to the person.

Lil Wayne Braided Hairstyle for Men

lil wayne braided hairstyle for men

Lil Wayne is a Hip-Hop artist and rapper much known for his dreadlocks and braided hair styles. This long braided hairstyle suits all the guys who would like to look trendy and unique.

David Beckham Cornrow Hairstyle for Men

david beckham cornrow hairstyle for men

Cornrows hairstyle also known as ‘golden braids hairstyle’ is one of the most sought- after hair styles in England since 2003.  The reason being the most popular Soccer star David Beckham has this Cornrows hairstyle. This hairstyle suits everyone and makes them look cool. You may also see Men Mohawk Hairstyles

Snoop Dogg Braided Hairstyle for Black Men

snoop dogg braided hairstyle for black men1

Snoop Dogg, the famous American rapper, and actor from Long Beach California is known for his stylish looks. The latest hair style of Snoop Dogg, the braided hairstyle is being followed by many Americans and his fans all over the World.

Cary Fukunaga Long Hair Men Braided Hairstyle

cary fukunaga long hair men braided hairstyle

Carry Fukunaga with his two cute braids attending the Emmy awards was all talked about for his braids more than his award. The braids are in now and so many celebrities going for this braid hairstyle is proving it. Men who think they carry the braid hairstyle can go for it without thinking twice.

Allen Iverson Micro Braids Men Hairstyle

allen iverson micro braids men hairstyle

Allen Iverson is a famous American Basketball player. His micro braids hairstyle is making rounds all over and is followed by many fans. This micro braids men’s hairstyle is a trendy hairstyle which suits everyone.

Wiz Khalifa Men Curly Braided Hairstyle

wiz khalifa men curly braided hairstyle

Wiz Khalifa is a famous songwriter, an actor, and a rapper. Wiz Khalifa is also known for his hairstyles. His latest hairstyle, the curly braids, is very well followed and liked by his fans and everyone around.

Braided Updo Hairstyle for Men

braided updo hairstyle for men


This incredible braided updo hairstyle is creatively done and it is difficult for someone not to love this hairstyle. This hairstyle suits every man out there who wants to be himself. Sure this hairstyle will catch everyone’s attention and that has to be taken care!

This incredibly hot and sexy braided bun hairstyle for men is for all those men who want to look hot. This braided hairstyle suits anyone if they have an attitude to carry it.

Cool Men Braided Hairstyle

cool men braided hairstyle


This cool braided hairstyle for men with a part of hair being braided is sure a stylish one. This hairstyle suits anyone who feels that they don’t care about what others think about them or their looks. You may also see Male Taper Haircuts

Men Double Braided Hairstyle

men double braided hairstyle


This double braided hairstyle brings out a softness from a man despite his rough looks. That’s what this hairstyle does. This hairstyle sure adds a soft touch to any guy and makes him look a caring person.

Trendy Braided Hair Design for Men

trendy braided hair design for men


Simple Men Braided Hairstyle Idea

simple men braided hairstyle idea


Side Faded Braids Hair for Men

side faded braids hair for men


Natural Curls Braided Hair for Men

natural curls braided hair for men


Men are ready to try something new and experiment with their hair. There have been a lot of new men’s hairstyles. Along with braided hairstyle, the men’s short hairstyle and men’s bun hairstyle is popular on trends chart.

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