Did you know that the cornrow hairstyle’s pioneer was made in Africa when the African American women wanted a change in their hairstyle and texture? African art and architecture shows a lot of geometric concepts and reflections. The cornrow hairstyle has also been adapted from the same concept that reflects the geometric concepts like reflection, translation, rotation and dilation.

Zendaya Cornrow Hairdo

zendaya cornrow hairdo

Beyonce Cornrow braid

beyonce cornrow braid

Cara Delevingne Side Cornrow

cara delevingne cornrow

If you don’t want to sweat out and get irritated, then take your mane to a whole new level by styling your hair with cornrow hairstyles. The best thing about this style is that it will protect your locks and will add in some sizzle to the summer.

Rihanna Cornrow Braid

rihanna cornrow braid

Carmen Electra Side Cornrow Hair

carmen electra

Alicia Keys’ Side-Parted Cornrow

alicia keys side parted cornrows

David Beckham Cornrow Hair

david beckham

Christina Aguilera’s Cornrow Hairdo

christina aguileras cornrows

Scarlett Johansson Cornrow


R Kelly Cornrow Hair

r kelly

Selena Gomez Cornrows

selena gomez cornrows

Kim Kardashian Cornrow


Cornrow Ponytail Hairstyle

cornrow ponytail hairstyle


Amazing Cornrow Hairstyle

amazing cornrow hairstyle


Lovely Cornrow Hairstyle

lovely cornrow hairstyle


Cute Cornrow Hairstyle

cute cornrow hairstyle


Extensions Cornrow Hairstyle

extensions cornrow hairstyle


Elegant Cornrow Hairstyle

elegant cornrow hairstyle


Side Braided Cornrow Hairstyle

side braided cornrow hairstyle


Blue Color Cornrow Hairstyle

blue color cornrow hairstyle


Trendy Cornrow Hairstyle

trendy cornrow hairstyle


Simple Cornrow Hairstyle

simple cornrow hairstyle


Besides the normal hairstyle, you can experiment a lot with your curls, highlights, the braids and patterns. Like all of us know, we are used to trying only the fishtail braids or French braids. Here are some of the best cornrow hairstyles – Braided curly hawk hairstyle, Side braided ponytail, Coiled Mohawk for women hairstyle, Twisted bun hairstyle, Side braided diva hairstyle, Jumbo French side braided hairstyle, updo with cornrow and twists hairstyles and many more. If you want to beat the heat and escape the summer, cornrow hairstyle is your best and natural hair-care option.

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