Fringes, a popular trend doing the rounds in the recent times, have come up as a rage not only among the male fraternity but equally among the female population which is as appealing, stylish and looks stunning on almost all face cuts! Talking about the hair length, medium length haircuts fringe hairstyles are at the supreme end for sure. Let’s check out the most popular angular fringe haircuts now. You may also See Cornrow Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Medium Length Angular Fringe Hair

taylor swift medium length angular fringe hair

Taylor Swift is an icon to many and when she adorns a hairdo that has to become a fashion statement. Much likely, here when she was actually spotted sporting the angular fringes while her mane was just about medium shoulder length. You can try it as well!

Jennifer Lawrence Angular Fringe for Round Face

jennifer lawrence angular fringe for round face

Like many women all around the world, in case you are stuck with a round face, you do not have many options with your hair, right? Jennifer Lawrence truly breaks the norm here when she sports the impressive and great angular fringe which just about made her round face look longer and yet more appealing.

Katie Holmes Choppy Texture Fringe Hair

katie holmes choppy texture fringe hair

Katie Homes and uniqueness are synonymous, aren’t they? Well, in case you love her style as much as we do, you would swear by this choppy textured fringe hair style she sported with elan! A must try for you if you can maintain it and wear it high. You may also See Medium Length Haircuts

Brittany Snow Asymmetrical Fringe Hairdo

brittany snow asymmetrical fringe hairdo

Asymmetry hair styling is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus be very careful while you try it out with just about any stylist. It is chic yet fashionable and see how Brittany Snow has perfected it with her gown.

Shakira Hair Curly Fringe Hairstyle Idea

shakira hair curly fringe hairstyle idea

Shakira is a fashion icon without a spec of doubt much like her fan following which even though does not overshadow her singing prowess but yes, can give it a good competition! Known to always go against the crowd, Shakira truly makes a statement when she comfortably sported the curly fringe hair style which most of you might rethink trying out.

Chace Crawford Messy Angular Fringe Hair

chace crawford messy angular fringe hair

Chace Crawford, a drool-worthy name all over, if he has flaunted the messy angular fringe haircut, so be it! It is as great as it can be – just go for it!

Olivia Palermo Comb Over Fringe Hairstyle

olivia palermo comb over fringe hairstyle

Simple, classy and neat! These are the words which one will get to hear in case one tries to replicate this fringe hairdo. Come-on’ try it on girls! You may also See Bandana Hairstyles

Candace Cameron Layered Angular Fringe Haircut

candace cameron layered angular fringe haircut

Layers are always in and if you can subtly add angular fringes to the layer hairdo, you can just look as stunning as Candace Cammon over here. Try it out to see the difference.

Kelly Reilly Angular Fringe with Bangs

kelly reilly angular fringe with bangs

Bangs were “in” till a long time ago and if we are not wrong the trend is hard to fall off! Bangs are back and how, when angular fringes come coupled up with bangs and Kelly Reilly flaunts it.

Emma Stone Side Fringe Hair

emma stone side fringe hair

Jennifer Lopez Angular Fringe Hair

jeniffer lopez angular fringe hair

Nicole Anderson Angular Fringe Hairstyle


Nicki Minaj Long Fringe Hair

nicki minaj long fringe hair

Started off as a statement majorly seen in the fashion show circuits’, since 2016 onwards, it has largely come to the roads where many daring and fun loving men and women are taking to the trend and sporting the hairdo with élan! A current top running trend as of now, are you game to try this out

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