There are several factors to take into consideration when decorating a bedroom. You need to consider the future occupant and the preference for design, the space available, the budget and the trend. Some of the most common bedroom designs to choose from include; master’s bedroom, modern, vintage, rustic, cottage and antique. Some of the most important bedroom features you need to consider include the bed, side tables, lighting, cabinet or closet system, wall décor and other decorating features. You may also see Classic Bedroom Designs

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A master’s bedroom should be designed as the relaxing retreat that you would want to come home to every night. The first thing that should be considered is the bed, of course; it should be spacious enough to provide comfort. Other features include; side tables or night stands, carpeting, wall decors or art works, closets, good lighting and of course, lots of pillows. You may also see Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Contemporary Master Bedroom Decorating Idea

contemporary master bedroom decorating idea

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decorating

farmhouse master bedroom decorating

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

For a small bedroom, the most important thing to keep in mind is the efficient use of space. Aside from having a good and comfy bed, storage is an important feature of any bedroom. For small spaced bedroom, your best option is an under the bed or a built-in hanging storage. Make sure there is ample lighting so that you can create an illusion of more space. You may also see Small Contemporary Bedroom Designs

Small Apartment Bedroom Decorating Idea

small apartment bedroom decorating

Small Bedroom Wall Decorating Idea

small bedroom wall decorating idea

Design by Nina Liddle

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Modern bedroom designs are more in the clean lines and minimalistic approach. This means saying goodbye to clutter and crowded spaces. Your bedroom should have only the essentials like the bed, side table and cabinet system.

Contemporary Modern Bedroom Decorating Idea

contemporary modern bedroom decorating idea

Ultra Modern Bedroom Decorating Idea

ultra modern bedroom decorating idea

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall decorations have always been significant parts of bedroom decorating procedures. You can choose to opt for the traditional artwork or family portraits. Or you can go eclectic by choosing unique wall decorations like huge maps, upholstered panels, unframed drawings and tapestry or needle work (quilt or cross stitch). You may also see Bedroom Wall Decor Designs

Modern Bedroom Wall Decorating Idea

modern bedroom wall decorating idea

Simple Bedroom Wall Decorating Idea

simple bedroom wall decorating idea

Vintage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Basically, the vintage style refers to the styles that were popular during the 40s and the 50s. You can recreate this style in your bedroom by using features like antique dressers and desks, or by using rich textured fabrics for bedsheets and curtains.

Vintage Style Bedroom Decorating Idea

vintage style bedroom decorating idea

Vintage Kid’s Bedroom Decorating Idea

vintage kids bedroom decorating idea

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The best way to create a bedroom for a teenager is to make sure that everything on it is cool and trendy. Flashes of colors are great options, as well.

Teenage Boys Bedroom Decorating Idea

teenage boys bedroom decorating idea

Raspberry Interior Design

Awesome Teenage Bedroom Decorating Idea

awesome teenage bedroom decorating idea

DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Put your personal touch into your bedroom decorating by using DIY decors. Some of the options include; a framed old door for wall décor, an old suitcase turned into a side table top and a mattress spring for display board.

Simple DIY Bedroom Decorating Idea

simple diy bedroom decorating idea

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A white bedroom does not need to be boring. Use white as an eclectic option for your bedroom by matching it with features in specific colors like black, red, blue, camel or blue.

Blue and White Bedroom Decorating Idea

blue and white bedroom decorating idea

Grey and White Bedroom Decorating Idea

grey and white bedroom decorating idea

Antique Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Going antique does not really mean spending too much money on antique furnishings and features. Wooden headboards with intricate carvings are perfect, as well as those old-school trunks for storage. Rich textured fabrics and deep colored walls are additional antique bedroom features that you may want to consider.

Cool Antique Bedroom Decorating Idea

cool antique bedroom decorating idea

Traditional Antique Bedroom Decorating Idea

traditional antique bedroom decorating idea

Klima Design Group

Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

To achieve that cottage look and feel for your bedroom, you may want to try using wood furnishings and lots of fabric features (like curtains, sofa covers) in floral accents. You may also see Cottage Style Bedroom Designs

White Cottage Bedroom Decorating Idea

white cottage bedroom decorating idea

Beach Cottage Bedroom Decorating Idea

beach cottage bedroom decorating idea

Your choice of bedroom furniture designs is important for the decorating process. This means you need to carefully choose your bed, cabinets, side tables and other furnishings. It is also vital to consider the personal preferences of the room occupant. Always make sure that your theme matches the design.

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