How your living room looks can have a significant role on whether family spends more time in that space and guests feel welcomed. Just by looking at the displayed items, curtains or furniture of any living room designs, you can tell the homeowners décor or personal style; and that is why the decoration of that room has to be top notch. Before redecorating your home, check out the following practical and unique living room decorating ideas. You may also See Bedroom Decorating

Small Living Room Decorating Idea

Even though small living rooms have space problems, you can still create the illusion of a bigger room by using white sofas or throw pillows. Add plants to fill up empty spaces and to provide natural beauty to the room. A Starburst mirror will decorate and brighten up the room.

small living room decorating idea

Laura Lee Home

Modern Living Room Decorating Idea

A modern living room has minimalist features, and neutral white colored seats can add elegance as well as brighten up the area. If you are a teacher or love to read, the simplest living room decorating idea is to display books on open shelves. Color coordinate the books to enhance visual appeal.

modern living room decorating idea

Brunskill Design

Apartment Living Room Decorating Idea

Whether your apartment is small or has ample space, you can use decorating ideas to turn your living room into a comfortable home. Instead of placing flowers on the table, why not put decorative sticks in a vase to be a focal point of the living room and add a rug to define the seating space.

apartment living room decorating idea

Pinpoint Properties

Living Room Wall Decorating Idea

If you have less floor space, then use the walls to decorate your living room. Make your wall the focal point by hanging painting, murals or family pictures. Position some of your furniture to face this wall so as to give people something to admire while seating.

living room wall decorating idea

Interiors by Myriam, LLC

Country Living Room Decorating Idea

When it comes to country living room decorating ideas, the trick is to stick with items that add a natural effect. Placing plants in strategic areas can add a lifelike an effect to the room. Paint a wall with a gorgeous hue to elevate the space.

country living room decorating idea

Studio V Interior Design

Living Room Furniture Decorating Idea

Furniture is an essential part of the living room. Avoid placing furniture against the wall as it makes the room appear smaller. Make the seats your focal point by adding a bold area rug underneath and colored throw pillows to make the room vibrant. You may also See Bathroom Decorating

living room furniture decorating idea

Studio V Interior Design

Diy Living Room Decorating Idea

Diy Living room decorating ideas involves using unique items. Hanging a mirror with a beautiful frame on a wall and placing tall lampshades besides a long sofa can make the room interesting. You can even paint one wall with a bold color to create interest.

diy living room decorating idea

Heather Garrett Design

Contemporary Living Room Decorating Idea

Decorating ideas for a contemporary living room is all about ensuring there is enough space for people to move about the room as well as keeping the area clutter free. Place a bowl of fruits on the table to add color to a monochromatic room.

contemporary living room decorating idea

Adam Scougall

Living Room Interior Decorating Idea

Living room interior decorating ideas will depend on the style you want your room to have. Make the room stand out by adding bold colored curtains. Mix and match patterns by using an animal print chair and bright solid color sofa to anchor the space.

living room interior decorating idea

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Vintage Living Room Decorating Idea

Any cool vintage accessory can easily add a wow factor to your living room. Arrange your furniture to face an architectural focal point such as a fireplace or add personality to the room through curtains. You may also See Teal Living Room Designs

vintage living room decorating idea

Geoff Chick & Associates

The living room is the main room in which guests and family members can spend time, so the decoration has to create a comfortable environment. While some decorating ideas require money to implement, other simple home decorating ideas involve changing how you arrange your seats or placing candles on a table. So, use these decorating ideas to make your living room charming.

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