If you are looking to turn the appearance of the living room into something sleek, stylish and classy, the mid-century theme is one way to proceed with the decor. Midcentury living rooms with their versatility can solve a number of purposes and also help you incorporate varied furniture pieces. Helping you bring the charm of the 50s with a modern twist, we have today gathered a set of 10 living room designs that are going to bring a stylish and contemporary upgrade to your space.

1. 1958 Mid Century Modern Living Room Remodel

1958 mid century modern living room remodel

The original limestone fireplace acts as a central point in the room and extends to the lower level of the walkout living area. The color palette chosen for the decor takes inspiration from the authentic abstract pieces which are complemented with teak and Danish rosewood accents.

2. Small Mid Century Living Room

small mid century living room


A yellow mid century modern chair is beautifully balanced with the patterned rug in this small bungalow in East L.A. The clean-lined sofa sports a bright yellow pillow with the hint of orange pattern. A round glass coffee table and a basket to hold books complete the modern and vibrant setup of the room.

3. Vibrant Mid Century Living Room

vibrant mid century


vibrant mid century living room


The open floor plan of this vibrant and energetic living room features movable furniture pieces with layered lighting that provide enough illumination for the entire room. The space with its comfortable vibe can easily adjust the fluctuating number of family members.

4. Mid Century Contemporary Twist

mid century contemporary twist


Carrying a contemporary loft feel matched with a cabin like presence, the color scheme of the room matches well with the greenery outside and the mid-century curvy soft furniture brings a smooth touch to the hard angles of home construction.

5. Luxurious Mid Century Living Room

luxurious mid century living room

This luxurious looking mid century living room features two separate sitting areas that adorn a large stone fireplace which looks over a stunning view of the city. The subtle fabric and patterned wall attach a cosy and refined vibe to space.

6. White Triple Paneled Living Room

white triple panelled living room

With an unconventional design, the Triple Panel Vertical Radiator does not just provide great performance but also attractive and impressive looks. The look of radiator matches well with the muted and subtle pastel palette themed interior of the home.

7. Family Style Mid Century Living Room

family style mid century living room


Taking inspiration from mid-century open concept living room, the grey walls complement the warm toned fabric of the sofa and the chair. The wood paneled flooring further brings a touch of elegance and charm to space.

8. Sunny Style Living Room



sunny style living room

The mustard yellow sofa brings in the punch of color and flavor to the room. The vibrant sofa is matched with subtle furniture and beautiful decor pieces. The soft cream colored furry carpet extends a touch of cozy to the interiors.

9. Lively Mid Century Living Room

lively mid century living room

Bring in the touch of pastel to your living room with colorful fabric and accent pieces. The yellow sofa in the room makes the look striking and modern at the same time.

10. Vintage Inspired Mid Century Living Room

vintage inspired mid century living room


With a mix of vintage and designer pieces, the items in the room carry a combined vibe that is contemporary with the addition of elements like the modern sofa and upholstered fabrics.

Take inspiration from these modern style mid-century living rooms that will certainly design and decorate your home with elegance and color.

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