Glass walls incorporated in living rooms make for a natural setting with a beautiful appearance. Glass living rooms are ideal for those looking to create a natural and bold living space with a dynamic touch to it. Glass living rooms create a natural ambiance and when integrated with soft colors and subtle décor, they surely stand out and make one hell of a living space.We have summed up some of the most exquisite glass wall living room designs as follows:

Spacious Living Room with Movable Glass Walls

spacious living room with movable glass walls

Photo by Eric Spry

This modern living room is spacious and is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass wall panel which is also movable. It features a beige colored sofa set which is of a pastel hue, it goes well with the modern glass décor of the living space.

Awesome Living Room with Leather Sofa

awesome living room with leather sofa

Mihaly Slocombe

This modern living room features all glass walls with brownish red wooden borders . The off white leather sofas are comfortable, cozy and perfect for enjoying the scenic beauty outside.

Modern Living Room Design

modern living room design

This compact modern living room contains a glass wall and a modern staircase installed right next to the glass doors. It has a study room on the right of the staircase whereas on the left, it leads to a den. This living space is modern and spacious and is also very comfortable at the same time.

Fabulous Living Room with Fireplace

fabulous living room with fireplace

FINNE Architects

This fab living room has sliding glass doors which also contain invisible screens also known as Phantom screens. It features a glass top table, two sitting areas with gray sofas that complement this large living room.

Cozy Living Room with Black Sofa

cozy living room with black sofa

Gary Gladwish Architecture

This cozy living room featuring glass doors have sliding glass walls and has black sofas which create a dark and mysterious environment in this living space. It has a beautiful window side view alongside a radiant pool.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design

contemporary living room furniture design

Below Magid Construction

This contemporary style living room features a thick and very strong glass wall where the breathtaking mountain view is seen. The living space has comfortable white sofas with a gorgeous woolen rug placed in the center alongside other décor items.

Gray Living Room with Oval Shape Coffee Table

gray living room with oval shape coffee table

Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel Architects

This is yet another modern living room with gray framed glass walls to complement with the gray furniture such as the rug and sofas. It has glass sliding doors and the view outside is a large pool and lush greenery.

Wooden Floor Small Living Room

wooden floor small living room

STUDIO robert jamieson

This small living room featuring wooden flooring, glass doors, modern curtains, black leather sofas and gray comfortable sofas is a contemporary form of living space that also has a mid-century touch to it.

Luxurious Living Room Interior Design

luxurious living room interior design

This ultra luxurious living room has a modern interior design showcasing a large pool outside the glass window. It also has a retractable table for conferences and meetings that can be held within the comfort of the house.

Amazing Living Room with River View

amazing living room with river view

This amazing living room featuring river view has frameless glass doors which are of Turkish style. With beige colored sofas and floor tiles in the same color, the entire décor of this amazing living space is absolutely stunning.

Lavish Glass Wall Family Room

lavish glass wall family room

Des Ewing Residential Architects

Mid Century Living Room Roof Idea

mid century living room roof idea

Classy Stone Wall Family Room

classy stone wall family room

IQ Glass: Architectural Glazing

Trendy Living Room with Wood Floor

trendy living room with wood floor

Gorgeous Living Room Sofa Design

gorgeous living room sofa design

Elegant Family Room Wall Idea

elegant family room wall idea

Large Family Room Decorating Idea

large family room decorating idea

Platinum Building Group

Open Plan Family Room with Green Rug

open plan family room with green rug

Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy

Chic Living Room with White Furniture

chic living room with white furniture

Rustic Living Room with Wooden Roof

rustic living room with wooden roof

Shubin + Donaldson Architects

Contemporary Ocean Front Family Room

contemporary ocean front family room

Brion Jeannette Architecture

Glass wall living spaces are airy, beautiful and allow a natural light to flow into the living space. Glass panels are also structural and when incorporated in living rooms, they make a bold appearance. Glass wall living rooms look best when warm and natural elements along with light colors’ scheme are integrated.

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