Trends of living are fast changing, and so are the tastes of people. In many of the contemporary homes, you will find Living and Dining Room Combo settings. In these cases, a large room is shared as a living space along with all the necessary furniture and a dining room, with adequate accessories and dining sets. The size of the rooms matter a lot when you try to incorporate the wall art ideas and furniture in the room. Here are ten trends that are popular among the people.

Small Living Room Dining Room Idea

small living room dining room idea

Houses with limited space can have a compact living and dining room that comes with a wooden floor. This color complements the dark wooden beams on the ceiling. There are two grey carpets in the small living dining room, and the rectangular dining table is placed on one of them, with chairs with white covers around them. There is a sitting area on the other carpet, along with sofas.

Living Room Dining Table

living room dining table

When you opt for a modern living and dining room, you will look for a decent setting with white walls, dark brown floor and large window panes. The same brown color of the floor is used for the dining table set and sofa set on sides of the room. You can use a brighter carpet for the table, and get the right contrast of colors. You can also see Coastal Dining Room Designs

Open Dining Living Room Design

open dining living room design

The dining tables with a glass top are really elegant. When you have a spacious, white based dining living room, you can place crystalline flower vases on the table to get a classy look. The dark color for the frame of the table and the legs of the chair go well with the floors. White sofas with decorative pillows make the setting complete. You can also see Compact Living Room Designs

Outdoor Living Room Dining Table

outdoor living room dining table

Houses with outdoor grills need a good setting for the living dining rooms. The wooden dining tables yield the perfect combination with the stone-paved floor. The roof extension over the patio looks great and you can buy grey chairs for sitting.

Patio Living Room Dining Furniture

patio living room dining furniture

Design by : Nancy Snyder

One can also get in touch with this particular setting, with wooden floors and cream colored walls. With proper lighting, the room gets a brownish look. The narrow dining table has a matching cover, and the brown chairs go well with the floor. In the siting area the furniture is placed over a carpet.

Lounge Dining Room Design

lounge dining room design

Corporate areas need a smart dining room design in the lounge. The sitting area has white sofas and black leather chairs. They are well-polished to yield the beauty. The dining table on the other side has a brown top and grey chairs around it.

Colorful Living and Dining Area

colorful living and dining area

When you have a small dining living room, the use of Living Dining Room Wall Art will make the room look compact. On the wooden floor, place a red carpet and position the brown dining table over it. in the sitting space, get a vibrant carpet and place a round glass table in the middle, with furniture around.

Dining Room Sitting Area Furniture

dining room sitting area furniture

Contemporary dining rooms look great with wooden floors. In this setting, the same color has been used for the dining table. The traditional side tables are ideal for the room, with dark chairs around them. A metal chandelier over the table makes it beautiful.

Living and Dining Room Partition

living and dining room partition

Living dining rooms with white walls and grey floors may need to be divided and black metal beams are ideal for the setting. The black color in the curtains also look matching. The well-polished wooden dinging table looks elegant. A black hanging from the ceiling further enhances the look.

Living Room With Wood Dining Idea

living room with wood dining idea

Dining Room Divide Living Room

dining room divide living room

French Country Living Room and Dining Idea

french country living room and dining idea

Free Space Living Room and Dining Design

free space living room and dining design

Tuscan Living Room and Dining Design

tuscan living room and dining design

Modern Living and Dining Room Combo

modern living and dining room combo

Rustic Living Room and Dining Combo

rustic living room and dining combo

Traditional Living Room And Dining Room

traditional living room and dining room

The Living Room Dining Room Combo idea is quite innovative and people like making the full use of the available space wisely. People have different choices and opt for the settings that are customized for them. You may incorporate any of the above ideas for the rooms If you have a new idea, you can also use it. In such cases, feel free to let us know about your own ideas.

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