Everyone knows what the purpose of a conference room is. This is that specific part of a corporate or business office wherein important matters are discussed. Old trends in conference room design required the room to be spacious with a long table dominating the room, while a big white board dominate one wall.

Luxurious Conference Room Design

luxurious conference room design

Electronics Design Group

Old Fashioned Conference Room Idea

old fashioned conference room design

Photo by Jordan Silverman

Contemporary Home Office Conference Room

contemporary home office conference room design


Today though, conference rooms are designed differently. In most modern offices, the long tables are gone. The design is now more focused on comfort than business-like. The idea here is to create a very relaxing atmosphere that would promote better comradeship among the meeting participants. Brainstorming can be indeed a lot more engaging when everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

Modern Conference Room with Glass Walls

modern conference room design


Unique Conference Room with Teleconference

unique conference room design with teleconference

Tech Tonic LLC

Classy Conference Room with Rich Look

classy conference room with rich look


Lavish Conference Room Design

lavish conference room design


Funky Vintage Conference Room Idea

funky vintage conference room design

Photo by Interior Design Fair

White Conference Room with Orb Lights

white conference room with orb lights


Conference Room with Bright Multicolored Carpet

conference room with bright multicolored carpet


Eclectic Conference Room with Blue Chairs

eclectic conference room with blue chairs


Cool Conference Room with Glass Walls

cool conference room with glass walls

Lisa Bakamis Interior Design

Elegant Conference Room with Pendant Lights

elegant conference room with pendant lights

Lisa Bakamis Interior Design

So, how does a modern conference room look? It is not as spacious as it used to. This means that even the smallest of offices can now integrate a meeting room into its design. Gone are the long tables and high-backed chairs. Enter the couches, coffee tables, easy chairs and pillows. In other words, conference rooms in small offices are similarly with that of a normal living room designs.

Modern Conference Room with White Walls

modern conference room with white walls

Photo by Jessica McGowan

Dreamy White Office Conference room

dreamy white office conference room


Gorgeous Conference Room Design

gorgeous conference room design

Photo by Matteo Zanardi

Black and White Conference Room with Wooden Table

black and white conference room with wooden table


Colorful Conference Room with White Chairs

colorful conference room design with white chairs


Beautiful Conference room Idea

beautiful conference room idea

Photo by Peter Kubilus

Conference Room with High Ceiling

conference room with high ceiling


Ultra Modern Conference Room Design

ultra modern conference room design

Photo by Alexey Zarodov

For big corporations though, long tables are still required. But the old chairs are replaced with comfortable padded ones. And who needs white boards when huge monitors are available to be used for presentations?

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