Big corporations use their conference rooms formal meetings with the shareholders and the big bosses. For a small business, a conference room becomes a multi-functional space that can be used for meetings, brainstorming, and presentations with the clients.

Aside from the traditional long table, chairs are essential features of a conference room. When choosing conference room furnishings, you can go for the traditional or you can choose modern designs. In some cases, winged back chairs are chosen for the top executives.

Modern Conference Room Chairs

modern conference room chairs

This set of modern conference room chairs is designed ergonomically to provide effective back support for the users. This is a high backed managerial chair with steel framing and cushioned seat. The light color matches the color scheme of the room.

Leather Conference Room Chairs

leather conference room chairs

For a more formal conference room settings, leather covered chairs are usually used. The classic beauty and matte feel of dark leather somehow presents a professional ambiance.

Office Conference Room Chairs

office conference room chairs

This conference room is furnished with ergonomically designed office chairs. Each chair is created to encourage natural posture and enable three-dimensional movements. The aesthetic design of the chairs complements the professional ambiance of the room.

Grey Conference Room Chairs

grey conference room chairs

This grey and black conference room is decorated with grey furnishings (table and chairs). The result is not boring, though, rather it matches the rest of the room. The grey chairs look formal enough for a business meeting and casual for regular brainstorming among the staff.

Rolling Conference Room Chairs

rolling conference room chairs

Wheeled chairs are always more preferred by businesses for their office furnishings. The good thing about chairs with wheels is that they can be easily moved from one place to another. The conference room, for instance, have rolling leather covered chairs in brown color. This shade matches the natural brown wood color of the conference table.

Conference Room Wooden Chairs

conference room wooden chairs

Lounge type office chairs are used for this conference room. The industrial design of the space allows for the use of non-formal furnishings for this room.

Mesh Conference Room Chairs

mesh conference room chairs

High backed chairs are used for this conference room. The chairs are not upholstered, rather they have mesh materials. That does not mean though that these chairs are not comfortable to sit on. Actually, they offer better support.

Luxury Conference Room Chairs

luxury conference room chairs

This luxury conference room is designed with simple furnishing. The chairs complement the table with their color and simple design.

Rustic Conference Room Chairs

rustic conference room chairs

The formality of this conference room does not ruin the rustic feel of the office chairs used. The main chair is high backed and with continuous arm rests. The rest of the chairs are of the same color and material as the main chair, but they are low-backed.

Red Conference Room Chairs

red conference room chairs

These red office chairs have a cool design. The design is very modern and is a great option for conference rooms that are also being used for informal meetings like presentations and brainstormings. The curved form of the chairs offers firm support for the back and optimal comfort. These mid backed chairs are the most common choices for small to mid-sizes businesses.

Conference Room Green Chairs Idea

conference room green chairs idea

Classic Conference Room Chairs

classic conference room chairs

Design by Gürkan Akay

Conference Room Yellow Chairs Idea

conference room yellow chairs idea

Conference Room Color Chairs Idea

conference room color chairs idea

Conference Room White Chairs Design

conference room white chairs design

Design by SSDG Interiors

Furnishing a conference room requires careful planning. Among all the rooms or spaces in an office, this specific room is the one where deals and transactions are made and sealed, and where contracts are signed. This means your table and chairs should be chosen carefully. A regular home office chair design may be a good option if the conference room is not designed too formally.

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