Whenever you think of a well-furnished room pampered with comfort and elegance, swivel chairs become an inherent part of the room. True indeed, these chairs with a central support have some attributes beyond the functional values. You will come across different chair designs in the market, and choose from the lot according to your aptitude and needs. Here are fifteen sophisticated swivel chair designs that you can incorporate in your home or office.

Round Swivel Chair Designs

These chairs are well-cushioned and you can opt for brown-based colour if you have a white interior. In case of offices, you can buy single-seater chairs while double-cushioned chairs are ideal for domestic purposes.

Comfortable Round Swivel Chairs

comfortable round swivel chairs


Outdoor Swivel Chairs

There are new trends for these chairs. You can buy a wrought-iron swivel chair for outdoor purposes. Go for bright colours like red or blue if you want to place these chairs in your garden. You may also see Outdoor Chair Designs

Outdoor Wicker Swivel Chairs

outdoor wicker swivel chairs


Leather Swivel Chair Trends

Leather has its own sophistication and beauty. When you get a polished leather-finish for the chairs, black or brown colours are the most preferred ones. You can also opt for the ones having support for the arms. You may also see Leather Chair Designs

Leather Swivel Chairs for Living Room

leather swivel chairs for living room


Swivel Chairs for Living Room

Opt for cool colours when you choose a swivel chair for your living room. These chairs have thick cushions and add extra comfort the spacious furniture. You can opt for chairs of lower height as well, depending on your taste. You may also see Living Room Chair Designs

Colorful Swivel Chairs for Living Room

colorful swivel chairs for living room

Camber Construction

Swivel Accent Chairs

These chairs are comparatively new to the trend. They are featured by a high backrest and come across bright colours. You can use them for professional purposes, in offices and lounges to enhance the look of these places.

Swivel Blue Accent Chairs

swivel blue accent chairs


Modern Swivel Chair Designs

Modern designs for swivel chairs can be quite experimental. You can buy a chair with a steel supporting frame, rotating in all direction. The ones with tray-like surface have also become popular in a short time.

Modern Living Room Swivel Chairs

modern living room swivel chairs


Swivel Dining Chairs

When you buy swivel chairs for your dining room, make sure that the colours are compatible to the other furniture and walls. These are mostly stand-alone chairs with wheels. Opt for bright colours like white, grey or orange for dining rooms. You may also see Dining Room Chair Designs

Contemporary Swivel Dining Chairs

contemporary swivel dining chairs


Office Swivel Chair Designs

Swivel chairs need to be customised for official uses. These are wheeled chairs with a single rod supporting the chairs from the centre. You can opt for chairs with arms or without them. Steel and fibre are used to make these chairs glossy.

Traditional Home Office Swivel Chair

traditional home office swivel chair


Tufted Swivel Chairs

These chairs are featured by the extras softness in the back-rests. You can relax when you are tired on these cushioned chairs and relish the bliss of comfort. These chairs come across light colour blends and you need to optimise your choice according to your aptitudes.

Simple Tufted Swivel Chair

simple tufted swivel chair


Swivel Patio Chair Trends

Swivel chairs are comparatively new to patios. However, you need to choose the furniture carefully to retain a cultured touch. Go for the ones with metal base and square cushions to enjoy good looks and comfort.

Traditional Swivel Patio Chairs

traditional swivel patio chairs


Vintage Swivel Chairs

If you are passionate about furniture carrying signs of antiquity, you can buy these chairs. You need to choose the enriched shades of brown when you buy these chairs. These chairs are generally not wheeled and have comfortable backrests with cushions.

Cool Vintage Swivel Chair

cool vintage swivel chair


Small Swivel Chair Designs

Small swivel chairs are perfect for balconies and gardens. You can also place them on your rooftop. These chairs have separate cushions, apart from the soft backrest. You can buy these chairs for your drawing room as well.

Best Small Swivel Chairs

best small swivel chairs

Photo by Mina Brinkey

Contemporary Swivel Chairs

Try our bright and beautiful colours when you buy modern swivel chairs. These chairs have innovative designs and interesting colour blends. For instance, you may like the ones with red and yellow colour combination, or a slight blend with blue and black. You can also buy some of the new designs.

Contemporary Swivel Chairs for Living Room

contemporary swivel chairs for living room


The colour, texture, height and other attributes of lounge chairs are subject to personal preferences. You may also look out for folding chairs or living room chairs to enhance the beauty of your home. New trends of swivel chairs have entered the market, and you may go for any of the trendy furniture.

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