Like something? Why not share it? A click on the ‘like’ button will allow us to share it on different social networking sites. Visitors to some sites can click the like button if they ‘like’ the respective contest. This content can be any picture, blog or a video.

Set of Round Like and Unlike Buttons

set of round like and unlike buttons

Round Shape Like Button

round shape like button

Cool Collection of Round Shape Like Buttons

cool collection of round shape like buttons

On some sites other people can follow what we like, as they get a notification after we click the same button. Customization for who will see our liked content and who will not is also possible. Just a few lines of HTML code and any site can have their own like button. Often the like and dislike buttons are present with a counter that provides access to the insight and statistical analysis of the post.

Innovative Styles of Like Buttons

innovative styles of like buttons

Like and Unlike 3D Render Buttons

like and unlike render buttons

Social Media Like Buttons

social media like buttons

These buttons help in the growth of the site as they have an analytical approach towards the content. To check whether people like it or not. Now viewers don’t have to write long comments regarding their views now they have to send long emails if they found something not suitable. Though, the comment section is still there, but it makes it easier by just a click.

Glossy Social Media Like Button

social media like button

Simple Like Buttons

simple clipart illistration of like buttons

Sample Facebook Like Button

sample facebook like button

Like Button with Different flags on the sleeves

like buuton with differnt flags on the sleeves

Simple Round Like Button

simple round like button

A like button is more of a recommended option present on social sites by which users can express if they like or dislike the content. It’s always possible to check who likes the content as a list is always provided with the number of likes. Now-a-days sites also involve a dislike button which will let us to vote against the content too.

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