In one way or another, we are all travelers; whether traveling through time or land, we are transcending from one space to another. Travel marks as an integral and inevitable part of a human life. An individual is bound to travel once in his or her lifetime and to make this wait equally significant and meaningful; we have today compiled a list of 20 travel blogs that cover the best of the seven continents. Along with our posts on the Best Travel Apps, this posts will ensure that you don’t miss out the fun and frolic present in every corner of the world.


Nomadic Matt

nomadic matt1


Comprehensive and expressive, Nomadic Matt is one of the most interesting Asia travel blogs to read and share. The blog covers the relevant information regarding accommodation, dining, transport and other necessary travel essentials. Matt’s destination list includes a guide to Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Adventurous Kate

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Kate has traveled the world, but her travel blog Adventurous Kate reflects a particular liking and fondness for Southeast Asia. Going much beyond the simple travel tips, her posts share information about local traditions, history, food culture and yes! Most importantly traveling as a solo female. Go to the site for tips and authentic reviews of destinations across the Asian continent: Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Breathe Dream Go

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Breathe Dream Go is a travel and culture blog dedicated to India. Blogger Mariellen has lived between Toronto and Delhi for years. She shares her lovely stories on her blog. The blog deals with a lot of practical advice and reviews for travelers coming to India for the first or the second time. The blog also covers a lot of information about yoga, spirituality and responsible travel.


Rick Steves

rick steves


A guidebook author and a globetrotter, Steeves shares practical information and tips about various destinations in Europe. Along with interesting information, he also organizes and leads energetic and informative tours throughout Europe.

Travelling Buzz

travelling buzz1


Coming from Bulgaria, 23-year-old Maria Stoyanova combines her love for writing and travel with her travel blog, Travelling Buzz. Her blog focuses on destinations within Europe. She focuses on sharing the travel tips on the must-see places and exciting activities to do in Athens, Paris, London and other European cities. She also shares an in-depth guide to the food and the local cuisine. The blog also shares travel tips and culture of her home country, Bulgaria.

Young Adventuress

young adventuress1


Liz has ventured to explore more than forty countries. If you are in a mood to visit Spain, Liz offers a comprehensive guide to traveling in Spain. She also covers intriguing insights into the food and culture of the locals on her blog. A series of blog posts offers extensive travel tips for the destinations within the region. Her postcard articles cover a lot of pictures and travel information for the readers to gain new insights about the place.


The Travel Manuel

the travel manuel1


Letting you step out of your comfort zone and taking you to the next adventure, The Travel Manuel created by Vaughan and Lauren Manuel McShane give you a view of the beautiful South Africa expressed in its ultimate glory.

Cape Town My Love

cape twn my love


A lover of good food, good wine and a mix of travel and adventure, Karisa mainly discusses and shares her experience of the city of Cape Town. Covering almost everything worth considering and talking, she gives the readers an accurate view of the city right from the screen.

Helen In Wonderlust

helen in wonderlust1


Helen in Wonderlust, is not just a travel blog that aims to share the best experiences that might inspire the reader to explore the beautiful places across Africa and the other parts of the world but also help in the planning the tours for travelers. With a mix of laid-back, adventurous and fun flashpacking trips, the tours combine the sightseeing experiences with immersive cultural experiences.





Started by Aussies Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem in 2013, NOMADasaurus was created with the aim of encouraging people to travel. The blog is perfect for the first time travelers coming to Australia. One of the best advice from the bloggers is to rent a car or a campervan for traveling across the massive country.

Y Travel Blog

y travels1


Y Travel Blog covers the best of Australia right from a road trip to the top-grade places to eat in Australia. The blog will certainly encourage you to pack your bags and take an adventurous trip to the land of kangaroos.

World of Wanderlust

world of wanderlust1


24 year old, Brooke Saward is the creator of the blog- World of Wanderlust. The blog tries to inspire the readers for daily travel and live a more adventurous life every day. Along with covering the best places to visit and eat, she also shares travel and lifestyle tips and motivation, DIY projects, recipes and much more.

North America

Rambling Traveler

rambling traveler1


One of the most impressive photo blogs to go through, Rambling Traveler, covers and captures the most beautiful spots across much of North America.

Beer and Beans

beer and beans


The blog covers information on traveling the States on a budget. The blog also features some of the best guest blogs that would immensely help you in your travel to the various countries across the continent.

Intelligent Travel

intelligent travel1


National Geographic’s travel blog focuses on the social, authentic and sustainable places to visit in North America.

Created by a traveling couple who recently returned to the US after 11 months in Latin America, Two Backpackers is one of the best blogs to find great travel videos, beautiful, high-quality photographs and lots of travel tips for the adventurous activities.

Bacon is Magic

bacon is magic1


With an accurate and detailed focus on food, Ayngelina’s blog Bacon is Magic is worth the read not just for her detailed and interesting posts but also for her positive attitude to the setbacks like getting mugged.

Go Backpacking

go backpacking1


Founded by David Lee in 1998, Lee currently lives in Medellin, Columbia, so he writes a lot about that area. The blog also has some contributors who lend their delightful posts to the blog. The blog covers a lot on the popular destinations in Latin America.


Mapping Megan

mapping megan1


The blog covers an interesting post on the travel guide made unique and specific to Antarctica. The post includes the right time to visit, a detailed list of pros and cons, travel notes and an estimate of the total expenditure one will incur to attend the continent.

Wandering Trader

world of wanderlust2


One of the most realistic blogs, Wandering Trader, captures almost all the aspects of visiting the continent. Right from mentioning the experiences to telling you ways to manage your budget, the blog will thoroughly guide you through the inception to the execution of the trip.

Travel Blog Antarctica

travel blog antarctica1


Travel Blog Antarctica along with having an extensive amount of information also has a number of followers contributing their experiences and stories to the blog.

Take an inspirational and adventurous cue from the blogs mentioned above and get set ready for backpacking through the most beautiful, unexplored, intriguing places in the world.

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