The ideas for posters require a lot of creative juices to flow in the mind of the creator. The product posters definitely need some inspiration and also should have some conceptual base.

1. Using Famous Cartoon or Movie Characters


The celebrity endorsements are quite popular and raging even in the year 2016. The personality of the celebrities adds even more weight to the brand’s personality and image. Besides, the posters can be funny using cartoon characters in special imaginary story depiction for the advertisement.

2. Conveying Meaningful Message


The ads on the posters  needs to be eye catchy, however in some cases, stress also needs to be given on the necessary details to be conveyed in an expressive manner by use of proper images and typography. The customer gets a personalized inspiration and motivation to be Mr. or Mrs. Right as depicted on the poster ads and start using the product advised.

3. Developing an Emotional Connect with the Audience

anti smoking poster

The use of proper models can truly guarantee the required impact and a human touch. Instead of highlighting the brand, the use of the brand is emphasized more to create the emotional connect. Designing a “sell story” is enough to create the magical connect with the target audience in a poster design of 2016.

4. Posters for Offers

natu member poster 21x32inch v visual

The proper typography, information, images in the poster designs with the proper background colours and design can help in sending the right impression in the minds of the people. The offers and such ads are marketing strategies adopted and often aids to recap and remind about the brands to the audience.

5. Adding a Funny Element

poster design


Making the audience smile, laugh, giggle, cry or surprised is the job of creative and funny ad campaigns. Such advertisements often make a profitable stint for the brand. Sometimes the fun stories are brought out of current social and political situations which the people can relate to.

6. Inspirational Posters

tang yau hoong 1

Giving a message along with campaigning for the product is a successful advertising propaganda which hit people’s heart and brain directly. This inspires people to use the product responsibly and sometimes also advocates an environment friendly message like saving animals or quit smoking after reading the anti smoking messages.

7. Giving a Creative Touch

22 let

Creativity is nevertheless the key to successful poster designing. Formulating a theme for the ad and depicting in the right manner with the right combination of typography, colors and images can definitely make it look suave.

8. Keeping it Simple

minimalistic star wars poster design 1 e1305976848933

The more simple the message and ad depiction is the focus of 2016 as this is what is liked by the target audience. It is better not to complicate and confuse the audience with intriguing designs and themes. The innovative poster designs definitely fetch a superior grade and are best in class.

9. Consistency with Details and Background Colors

art deco cover 26

Poster ad designs can be haphazard in case proper attention is not given to the detailing with regards typography. Also, right colour and typography combination can be powerful tools of the poster ad designing facets.

10. Interesting Typography


The interesting typography can be an impressive punch line of the brand which is eye-catchy and not easily forgotten. The typography forms an integral and important part of the poster design and hence adequate attention to the font style and size must be given along with the message.

Therefore, the presentation of the advertising poster needs to grab the attention of the audiences. The poster design trends are evolving in a manner to turn head when some of the most accurate and effective tips for the best poster designs are applied.

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