Hearts are not only suitable for Valentine’s Day. You can find many different designs that you can use in various projects. For digital projects like web sites and blogs, you have the ability to design a heart and attach an internal link anchor text that will transfer the viewer to a different page on the web. If you want to find out more about heart drawing designs sit tight and keep reading for our inspiring collection.

Broken Heart Drawings

Broken heart drawings come in many different styles and designs. You can find them with various color combinations in resizable jpg and eps format files for digital and printable projects.

Broken Heart with Bird Drawing

broken heart with bird drawing

Tribal Heart Drawings

Tribal hearts have an intricate design that makes them interesting and very attractive. You can use them in web sites, blogs and greeting cards as well as for tattoo inspiration.

Blue Tribal Heart Drawing

blue tribal heart drawing

Heart and Roses Drawings

This is the most popular heart drawing. The hearts add an interesting decorative design that can take your project to the next level. Available in jpg and png format files. You may also see Pencil Drawings

Heart and Rose Colored Pencil Drawing

heart and rose colored pencil drawing

Heart and Rose with Vase Drawing

heart and rose vase drawing

Flaming Heart Drawings

Hearts that go up in flames have a stunning look that can give many creative ideas. You can find them in various designs with png, eps and jpg format files.

Fire Flaming Heart Drawing

fire flaming heart drawing

Blue Flaming Heart Drawing

blue flaming heart drawing

3D Heart Drawings

In order to achieve a 3D drawings heart you need to know how to work with light and shade. These designs are suitable for many different projects like posters and websites.

3D Red Heart Drawing

3d red heart drawing

Heart With Wings Drawings

This angelic reference can give you stunning drawing designs. You can use it for greeting cards, invitations, posters and blogs while they’re available in jpg, eps and png format files.

Heart with Wings Tattoo Drawing

heart with wings tattoo drawing

Heart with Angel Wings Drawing

heart with angel wings drawing

Dragon Heart Drawings

Dragons add a dangerous undertone to the heart designs bringing you amazing drawings. They are available in jpg and eps format files to use in many digital and printed projects.

Animal Dragon Heart Drawing

animal dragon heart drawing

Simple Dragon Heart Drawing

simple dragon heart drawing

Emo Heart Drawings

Emo heart drawings depict very strong and intense emotions. You can use these designs in many projects like web sites, blogs and posters and you can find in jpg formats.

Emo Heart with Rose Drawing

emo heart with rose drawing

Heart With Banner Drawings

If you want to personalize your project then you should go for a heart with banner drawing. This way you can write your message and have customized design to use.

Winged Heart Banner Drawing

winged heart banner drawing

Heart Arrow and Banner Drawing

heart arrow and banner drawing

Celtic Heart Drawings

Classic designs that will make everyone stop to admire your projects. Hearts with Celtic knots are available in eps and jpg formats, adding a strong visual interest in your work.

Black Celtic Heart Drawing

black celtic heart drawing

Heart and Key Drawings

The heart drawings have many decorative elements like the heart and key designs. Suitable for many different projects as well as tattoo inspiration you can find them in resizable formats.

Heart Lock and Key Drawing

heart and lock key drawing

Cartoon Heart and Key Drawing

cartoon heart and key drawing

Bleeding Heart Drawings

Bleeding heart drawings have a charming design that makes them irresistible despite the negative feelings they evoke. Bring out this contradiction with a fully editable jpg or png format file.

Girl Bleeding Heart Drawing

girl bleeding heart drawing

Shaded Heart Drawings

A good shaded heart drawing will have a defined light source along with detailed shading. You can use these designs in greeting cards, posters, and blogs with resizable jpg files.

Double Shaded Heart Drawing

double shaded heart drawing

Gothic Heart Drawings

Gothic hearts have a strong contradiction between good and evil creating fantastic drawings. You can find many designs for your projects available in png and eps formats to choose from.

Cartoon Heart Drawings

If you want a cute design with adorable graphics then you should check the cartoon heart drawings. They are available in all known formats and to use in many projects.

Cartoon Funny Heart Drawing

cartoon heart drawing

You can draw a heart using two circles and a downward triangle in order to get a draft outline. Then you can begin drawing the actual line following the outline of the draft that you erase afterward. Heart drawings will help you add character in projects. Also, you can accentuate a design’s text with a visual aid of heart drawing. Many designs have a vibrant style that looks exceptional in both printable and digital projects.

We hope that our collection managed to give you a few creative ideas to help you with your current and future projects. Heart drawings can be used in many designs. They have a versatile nature that allows you to decorate and combine with many other themes creating incredible graphic designs.

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