Sometimes even a simple silhouette can give a stunning a fabulous design. Now you can decorate your projects with stunning silhouette designs of various concepts and themes. In today’s post we are going to delve into the heart designs bringing you a list of stylish pieces to draw some inspiration from for your current as well as your future projects to come. So keep on reading and check out our guide of heart silhouette designs.

Black Heart Silhouette

black heart silhouette

This set of heart silhouette designs has a great variety to use in multiple projects. They are available in png, ai, jpg and psd format files to choose in 8.71MB.

Broken Heart Silhouette

broken heart silhouette

This design features a figure mourning a broken heart. The colors make the design look creative while it is available in seven sizes to choose between 72 and 300dpi resolution. You may also see Tree Silhouettes

Small Heart Silhouette

small heart silhouette

This black heart is set against a red background with futuristic style. You can find it in two jpg files of 72dpi and four jpg with an eps of 300dpi.

Heart Hands Silhouette

heart hands silhouette

The gradient pink background with the hands creating a heart silhouette gives you an incredible design to use in web sites, blogs and book covers for extra style and character.

Vector Heart Silhouette

vector heart silhouette

Heart silhouette come in many different designs. Like with this set of hearts, you will get various options to use in many projects suitable for both digital and printed mediums.

Drawn Multicolor Heart Silhouette

drawn multicolor heart silhouette

This design is a hearty version of polka dots with cute blue and pink hearts. It is available in seven different sizes to choose the ones that fit your needs. You may also see Bird Silhouettes

Yoga Heart Silhouette

yoga heart silhouette

This yoga heart silhouette is suitable with all projects that are related with yoga. You will find it in png and eps format to choose with 2.37 MB file size.

Double Heart Silhouette

double heart silhouette

These double hearts will surely steal your heart away. You can use this silhouette design in projects like blogs, presentations, greeting card as well as for Valentine’s Day invitation designs.

Love Heart Silhouette

love heart silhouette

The combination of the red and pink colors along with the circles creates a beautiful heart design suitable for many designs. It’s available in six jpg and one eps formats.

Human Heart Silhouette

human heart silhouette

You can choose to use a human heart silhouette like this one for your designs. The design has a black style with red veins adding a pop of vibrant color.

Red Hearts Silhouette

red hearts silhouette

Outline Heart Silhouette

outline heart silhouette

Couple Heart Silhouette

couple heart silhouette

Hand Drawn Heart Silhouette

hand drawn heart silhouette

Abstract Floral Heart Silhouette

abstract floral heart silhouette

Tulip Heart Silhouette

tulip heart silhouette

Hands Holding Heart Silhouette

hands holding heart silhouette

Scribble Heart Silhouette

scribble heart silhouette

Red Heart Silhouette

red heart silhouette

Feel free to experiment with any design of our collection. They all have specific designs that look unique and stylish to help you incorporate them in almost every project. From invitations to greeting cards and from web sites to flyers you can find everything you need with a heart silhouette.

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