Silhouette designs are mostly used as background elements. They bring a mystique quality to any projects while you can find them in almost every color other than just black and white. Trees can give you remarkable silhouette designs. From their leaves to their branches every detail can be important for styling a printable or digital project. Following this we are going to present you with a collection of tree silhouettes to get your imagination going.

Palm Tree Silhouette

Palm trees have an exotic look making them ideal for many projects. This design comes in eps and jpg format files with layered properties to help you modify them according to your needs. Suitable for vintage greeting and business cards.

Pine Tree Silhouette

Now that we are getting started with the Christmas décor, a pine tree silhouette is going to give you many different ideas. You can use them in projects like posters, book covers web sites and blogs for stylish scenery designs.

Dead Tree Silhouette

Dead trees have an ominous look that you can use in many projects. This design comes in a free design that will help you add style and character in your projects. Suitable for web sites and blogs that require mystery.

Oak Tree Silhouette

Bring the nature in your projects with an oak silhouette tree design. This pack of seven will come in handy for many projects like brochures, invitations and book covers. The design is free for download while it provides with variety.

Family Tree Silhouette

If you are searching for a family tree then you can choose this design. The elegance of its naked brunches adds a stylish tone. Available in several different sizes to choose between eps and jpg for your own project designs.

Small Tree Silhouette

This beautiful tree silhouette is going to give you many different uses. It comes with layered properties that allow you to customize it for your own projects while it is available in jpg and eps format files to choose from.

Tree Branch Silhouette

Branch silhouettes have a wintery look that makes them ideal for many projects like greeting cards, brochures and posters. Style your projects with a free back of three creative naked branches for extra style that is sure to amaze everyone.

Cherry Blossom Tree Silhouette

Cherry blossoms add a touch of hope in this naked tree silhouette. You can use it in many projects like book covers, business cards and logos in order to convey a message of optimism. Available in eps and jpg formats.

Grunge Tree Silhouette

The pointed leaves add a grunge character that brings the design to life. This silhouette has a stylish design that will look fantastic in projects like web sites, blogs and greeting cards. It can create beautiful background sceneries to use.

Willow Tree Silhouette

In case you can’t decide what to choose then you should get a pack with various tree designs. This design has a variety of tree silhouettes that will make your projects look stunning and creative. Available in jpg and eps.

Seasonal Tree Silhouette

Green Tree Silhouette

Baobab Tree Silhouette

Nature Tree Silhouette

Conifer Trees Silhouette

Black Tree Silhouette

Tree Back Silhouette

Coconut Tree Silhouette

Organic Tree Silhouette

A silhouette design can help you accentuate your text content with a visual design that has interesting outlines and stylish characteristics. You can also use them in many projects like greeting cards, invitations, posters and brochures as well as for book covers in order to create something unique and special. Silhouettes are great in helping you create background sceneries giving you an immensely mysterious design with outlines defining every detail that can spark someone’s imagination.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate silhouettes by using templates. They have a versatile use that makes them unique while their mysterious nature is great food for thought. Make your project look perfect with a stunning silhouette design of your choice and be ready to amaze everyone with your design skills.

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