The hunting tattoo has always been popular, particularly among males, as it projects a feeling of masculinity and strength. It is an integral part of the Polynesian tattoo style which has always relied heavily on hunting patterns. The execution of such tattoos has been mostly in monochrome with variations in shading of the same color. In other words, hunting tattoos tend to portray man?’s control over the animal world and the relationship between the predator and the preyed.

Deer Hunting Tattoo Idea

deer hunting tattoo idea


A masterful depiction of the hunter taking aim at the deer from a tree top. Done in black against the sepia tone, the detailed work shows the work of a professional tattoo artist.

Bow Hunting Tattoo

bow hunting tattoo


This is an innovative silhouette design on a maple leaf in black, green, yellow and brown. The hunter takes aim with his bow and arrow at the unsuspecting deer. The overall silhouette design has a dramatic effect.

Half Sleeve Hunting Tattoo

half sleeve hunting tattoo


The deer?s head, replete with its huge horns stands out prominently while the flying geese add motion to the overall picture. This will fab on a muscular arm as a half sleeve tattoo.

Raccoon Hunting Tattoo

raccoon hunting tattoo


This portrays two dogs trying to pin down the raccoon perched on a treetop. Done in sepia and black, the details of a bare tree, shorn of all leaves come through clearly.

Duck Hunting Tattoo Design

duck hunting tattoo design


This another example of a masterly work of a shooter aiming his rifle at birds circling the lake. The picturesque setting comprising mountains, trees, wild grasses and the lake have been competently executed.

Hunting Tattoo for Guys

hunting tattoo for guys


The truly manly stuff. The deer head skeleton with its horns, the bare trees shrouded in mist in the background and the hunter stalking his prey in silhouette brings in the right proportions to create a great piece of art. The lines are bold, clearly defined and bound to catch attention. The deer?s horns have been cleverly merged with the bare trees in the background. You may also See Arm Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Archery Hunting Tattoo

archery hunting tattoo


Simple but effective, this black and brown tattoo design shows the traditional deer skull, its horns intact with an arrow piercing the head and emerging from the mouth. Symbolizes man?’s conquest over the animal world.

Bird Hunting Tattoo Design

bird hunting tattoo design


A multi-colored piece of work, this design has almost everything that completes a hunt. ?The hunter taking aim at the birds, the excited retriever dog, a bright sun, clouds and open green fields. Sure is eye-catching and is undoubtedly the work of a professional.

Tribal Hunting Tattoo

tribal hunting tattoo


Gun Hunting Tattoo Idea

gun hunting tattoo idea


Colorful Hunting Tattoo Idea

colorful hunting tattoo idea


Black Hunting Tattoo

black hunting tattoo


Natural Hunting Tattoo

natural hunting tattoo


Simple Hunting Tattoo

simple hunting tattoo


Color Bird Hunting Tattoo

color bird hunting tattoo


Hunting Tattoo for Sleeve

hunting tattoo for sleeve


Moreover, since tattoos came into existence, hunting has also been a central and popular theme of this body art movement. Various hunting themes may be portrayed through tattoos using different animals, birds and colors to increase the overall dramatic effect. They have been popular and will continue to be so as long as they are considered to be symbols of manliness and courage.

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