Owl tattoos are very appealing to the eye. These birds are associated with mystery and luck no wonder they are popular with many tattoo lovers. Contrary to the lifestyle of most birds, owls tend to hunt at night and sleep during the day; further expounding its superstitious traits. In ancient cultures, owls symbolize sacred knowledge, magic, and are protector of the underworld. Whether you want tattoo designs that depict your masculinity or femininity, owl tattoos are flexible. You may also See Small Tattoo Designs

Owl Chest Tattoos

Do you want to decorate your chest in a masculine way? Then opt for owl chest tattoos. This tattoo is suitable for men. The spacious chest space gives you the freedom to emphasize the big eyes of the owl and amazing wings.

Geometric Owl Chest Tattoo

geometric owl chest tattoo


Traditional Owl Tattoo Designs

If you are fascinated by owl’s character, then go for traditional owl tattoo designs. These tattoos tend to depict the actual outline of the owl. You can emphasize the large yellow eyes of this bird to show its nocturnal nature.

Traditional Owl Head Tattoo

traditional owl head tattoo


Neo Traditional Owl Tattoo Design

neo traditional owl tattoo design


Small Owl Tattoos

Small owl tattoos are less painful yet depict the same symbolic meaning as large designs. Suitable for people who prefer subtle tattoos, ladies can use this tattoo to decorate the finger, ankle, feet, chest and back of the neck.

Small Owl Tattoo on Wrist

small owl tattoo on wrist


Small Owl Tattoo on Finger

small owl tattoo on finger


Barn Owl Tattoos

Are you intrigued by mysterious objects? If yes, then barn owl tattoos are for you. With these tattoos, you will portray your mysterious character. For an authentic barn owl, ensure the face is heart shaped and white in color with brown or gray feathers. You may also See Hourglass Tattoo Designs

Barn Owl Face Tattoo Design

barn owl face tattoo design


Flying Barn Owl Tattoo

flying barn owl tattoo


Tribal Owl Tattoo Designs

Tribal owl tattoos are eye-catching. Getting your owl tattoo in black ink only will emphasize its tribal attributes and symbolize danger. Placing this design on a visible body part will tell people not to mess with you.

Tribal Owl Tattoo for Men

tribal owl tattoo for men


Watercolor Owl Tattoos

When picking owl tattoo designs for women those in watercolors are feminine. The watercolor technique will help your owl tattoo stand out enabling people to notice its beauty quickly. You can use watercolor to depict an owl with color vision.

Watercolor Owl Chest Tattoo

watercolor owl chest tattoo


Watercolor Owl Tattoo on Hand

watercolor owl tattoo on hand


Owl Skull Tattoos

Owl Skull tattoos are an emblem of death. In some cultures like Mayans and Native Americans, they are a symbol of bad news and destruction. A simple black skull below the head of an owl will make your tattoo striking.

Owl Sugar Skull Tattoo Design

owl sugar skull tattoo design


Owl Candy Skull Tattoo

owl candy skull tattoo


Geometric Owl Tattoos

Geometric Owl tattoos have a unique symmetry that shows the balance of these birds. The line and dot work needs precise accuracy so opt to get this design from an expert tattoo artist. Incorporating shapes will also make your tattoo beautiful. Yo may also See Psychedelic Tattoo Designs

Geometric Owl Tattoo on Back

geometric owl tattoo on back1


Geometric Owl Tattoo on Forearm

geometric owl tattoo on forearm


Owl Sleeve Tattoos

Whether alone or in combination with other designs, owl sleeve tattoos will decorate your upper arm. Instead of the standard black color, show your vibrant personality by opting for a colorful owl tattoo. Depending on the thickness of your sleeve, a large owl tattoo is more visible.

Owl Half Sleeve Tattoo

owl half sleeve tattoo


Celtic Owl Tattoo Designs

From conventional to colorful, Celtic owl tattoo designs have a rich history and deep symbolic meaning. These tattoos can be a symbol of misfortune or depict wisdom and spiritualism. Colorful Celtic designs often are a symbol of hope and life.

Celtic Knot Owl Tattoo

celtic knot owl tattoo


Celtic Owl Tattoo for Men

celtic owl tattoo for men


Owl Feather Tattoos

Owl feathers tattoo represent freedom and ability to communicate with comic forces. The genetic makeup of owls forms feathers that make less noise when flying so as to help the birds catch prey easily. You can use this feather tattoo to depict your good hunting skills.

Barn Owl Feather Tattoo

barn owl feather tattoo


Owl Arm Tattoos

In Greek mythology, goddess Athena was often seen with an owl hence placing this bird on your arm will symbolize your connection with various deities. You can integrate elephant tattoos to put more focus on your arm and to show your sacred beliefs.

Owl Forearm Tattoo

owl forearm tattoo


Men’s Owl Arm Tattoo

mens owl arm tattoo


Cartoon Owl Tattoos

If you need to make your owl tattoo comical, then go for a cartoon effect. These tattoos are often in vibrant colors which eliminate the need for people to associate this bird with negative meanings. Instead, the animation effect gives owls a magic symbol.

Cute Cartoon Owl Tattoo

cute cartoon owl tattoo


Cartoon Owl Tattoo on Back

cartoon owl tattoo on back


Cartoon Girly Owl Tattoo

cartoon girly owl tattoo


Gothic Owl Tattoos

If you want your tattoo to give a personal message, then consider gothic owl tattoos. Instead of the traditional design, the bird is done in a daring design that will give your tattoo a dramatic effect. Dark colors are popular with these tattoos.

Gothic Owl Tattoo on Forearm

gothic owl tattoo on forearm


Flying Owl Tattoo Designs

Flying owl tattoo designs showcase independence, ongoing transition, vision and courage. The open wings will show the journey to gaining new life skills.

Realistic Flying Owl Tattoo Design

realistic flying owl tattoo design


What attracts ladies to get owl tattoos designs for women is their deep symbolic meaning and the mysterious traits. They are birds of prey with the ability to turn their heads 360 degrees and tend to hold spiritual significance in many cultures. Their nocturnal vision also makes owl tattoos a favorite to guys.

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