Gargoyles are engraved stones that usually appear on buildings, they are an important part of the architecture. They might look like beastly but they do serve a very rightful purpose. Gargoyles are usually fixed on the buildings with water emitting from the mouth. They usually help direct water away from the building sites, usually rainwater. Gargoyles are very effectively and efficiently used.

Well apart from on buildings, we think gargoyles as tattoo designs look absolutely amazing. These 20 tattoos are different and each of it looks as beautiful as the actual carved stone. Take a sneak peak into this crazy style.

Baby Gargoyle Tattoo Design

baby gargoyle tattoo design


This cute baby gargoyle tattoo looks very nice. The wing tattoo on the overall design is done so perfectly. The skulls and flowers around it add to the gargoyle design and give it a combination of scary and adorable.

Gargoyle Tattoo for Men

gargoyle tattoo for men


This is one scary looking gargoyle wing tattoo design. It almost feels the gargoyle is out to attack someone. It is done so realistically and the shading done on it blends in perfectly to make it look like the perfect gargoyle.

Evil Gargoyle Tattoo Design

evil gargoyle tattoo design


This dragon tattoo design with the evil gargoyle in it is a very nice combination. To mix the both is something very different and out of the box. There is a lot of thought put behind it and what we liked the most is the coloring, the red color brings out fury and helps emphasize on the tattoo in a better manner.

Gargoyle Shoulder Tattoo

gargoyle shoulder tattoo


This is exactly how a gargoyle tattoo looks on a building. This beautiful wing tattoo looks like it has been brought to life with its intricate designing and creativity. It even looks like a dragon tattoo if you look at closely. This according to us is a very piece.

Flying Gargoyle Devil Tattoo

flying gargoyle devil tattoo


How often do we see a head tattoo, which is very bold and unique to get done? And with a dragon tattoo like this with the face of a gargoyle, this is going to be getting a lot of attention.

Gargoyle Tattoo on Sleeve

gargoyle tattoo on sleeve


This gargoyle tattoo is just not a mere wing tattoo or dragon tattoo, unlike the others. There are so much more effects given to it, which makes it stand out and overall there is a perfect tattoo out there.

Traditional Gargoyle Tattoo Design

traditional gargoyle tattoo design


This unlike the others is a very traditional looking gargoyle tattoo. It is big and scary looking but also done so perfectly with a lot of creative work and thinking.

Funny Gargoyle Tattoo Design

funny gargoyle tattoo design


Gargoyle Tattoo on Foot

gargoyle tattoo on foot


Unique Gargoyle Tattoo on Hand

unique gargoyle tattoo on hand


Colorful Back Tattoo for Women

colorful back tattoo for women


Creative Gargoyle Tattoo Design

creative gargoyle tattoo design


Little Gargoyle Tattoo Design

little gargoyle tattoo design


Scary Devil Tattoo Design Idea

scary devil tattoo design idea


Colorful Gargoyle Tattoo Idea

colorful gargoyle tattoo idea


These are some alluring gargoyle tattoo. If you have always spotted them on buildings and wondered how they would look as a tattoo, here is the perfect example and you can consider getting one of them. Small or big, we have all the options laid out for you.

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