When it comes to predators, the hawk ranks top among the most feared and admired bird. From its sharp beak to powerful eyesight this bird exudes a dominant characteristic that is attractive to any person who loves art.

Just like the koi fish tattoo, the meaning a hawk tattoo design portrays to different cultures, provides stylish designs that are suitable for male and females of any age. Whether you prefer a monochromatic or a colorful pattern, there is a hawk tattoo design that you will love.

Red Tail Hawk Tattoo

Red Tail Hawk Tattoo Source

Go for a red tail hawk tattoo to give your arm that stylish but masculine look. Make the Eagles powerful eyesight the center of attention by giving the eye a bold yellow color that contrasts with a darker body tone.

Hawk Chest Tattoo Design

Hawk Chest Tattoo Design Source

Opting for a vintage look in a tattoo will definitely give you compliments and admiration from other tattoo lovers. The beauty of a hawk chest tattoo design is that it will portray you as a man who is loyal.

Hawk Stomach Tattoo Idea

Hawk Stomach Tattoo Idea Source

If superiority is what you want to show, then opt for a hawk stomach tattoo inked with a pencil sketch design. Complement your hawk tattoo by adding a rose or placing clouds above the bird. You may also see Gargoyle Tattoo Designs

Hawk Full Sleeve Tattoo

Hawk Full Sleeve Tattoo Source

While a hawk full sleeve tattoo can be intimidating to most women, you can give it a soft look by adding a rose. The contrasting combination of a hawk and a rose represent a man who is loyal and loves unconditionally.

Hawk Feather Tattoo on Hand

Hawk Feather Tattoo on Hand Source

A hand gives an individual the freedom to choose a small or large tattoo which in either case the design will still stand out. By using only the hawk’s feather complemented with different colors gives the art a unique design.

Flying Hawk Tattoo Design

Flying Hawk Tattoo Design Source

A flying hawk is a symbol of a man who loves their freedom. By opting for a monochromatic design with intense shading, you have chosen a tattoo that will give you a lot of positive comments from tattoo fanatics.

Hawk and Rose Tattoo

Hawk and Rose Tattoo Source

Guys, we know how you love wild birds that depict your masculine personality! Add a red rose with green petals to give that hawk a colorful and fun look that will give you compliments from the ladies.

Hawk Tattoo for Men

Hawk Tattoo for Men Source

If you’re a man of a few words, what better way to express your personality than through a beautiful hawk tattoo. The design, color, symbols to add and where to be inked will depend entirely on what you prefer.

Celtic Hawk Tattoo Design

Celtic Hawk Tattoo Design Source

Portray a warrior personality by opting for a Celtic Hawk tattoo. While the Celtic designs give the hawk a unique look, you can further make the art more stunning by giving the eyes a glowing appearance.

Black and Grey Hawk Tattoo on Shoulder

Black and Grey Hawk Tattoo on Shoulder Source

The art of combining gray and black colors on a hawk tattoo brings out intricate details that show love for unique tattoos as well as superior skills of an artist. The shoulder location makes this tattoo perfect for men.

Small Hawk Tattoo Design

Small Hawk Tattoo Design Source

Colorful Hawk Tattoo Idea

Colorful Hawk Tattoo Idea Source

Hawk Bird Tattoo for Women

Hawk Bird Tattoo for Women Source

Black Hawk Neck Tattoo

Black Hawk Neck Tattoo Source

Hawk Half Sleeve Tattoo

Hawk Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

Line Work Hawk Tattoo Design

Line Work Hawk Tattoo Design Source

Big Hawk Tattoo on Back

Big Hawk Tattoo on Back Source

Pretty Hawk Tattoo on Palm

Pretty Hawk Tattoo on Palm Source

Unique Hawk Tattoo on Forearm

Unique Hawk Tattoo on Forearm Source

Creative Hawk Half Sleeve Tattoo

Creative Hawk Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

Watercolor Hawk Tattoo Design

Watercolor Hawk Tattoo Design Source

How to choose a perfect tattoo?

Most people who get tattoos in a rush always end up regretting. While cosmetic and laser surgery has made removing tattoos easier, it is important to take your time and choose a tattoo that will describe a unique meaning both to yourself and the people around you. Ultimately, a tattoo should enhance your physical traits in an effortless way.

People tend to choose tattoos based on the symbolic similarities they have with the bird. Just like an eagle, a hawk is a bird of prey that represents honor and loyalty. Other features such as strong feathers make it easier for this tattoo to have a wide variety of unique designs. So visit your favorite tattoo artist and get a beautiful hawk tattoo.

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