Many American tattoo designs differ from each tribe. The most common American tattoo design is the dream catcher which originated from the children of the tribes. It is believed to offer protection from bad spirits that appear in nightmares. Native American faces, eagles, and feathers are often included in American tattoos. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Old School American Tattoo Design

old school american tattoo design


Unique American Tattoo Design

unique american tattoo design


Birds are also used in American tattoo designs as they symbolize a sense of freedom given. The designs are beautiful and large in shape making them well suited on wide parts of the body such as the back, arms, chests and legs. Animals like the bison, horses and wolves are also included in many American tattoo designs. You may also see Firefighter Tattoo Designs

Traditional American Tattoo Design

traditional american tattoo design


American Face Tattoo Design

american face tattoo design


Scary American Tattoo Design

scary american tattoo design


Best American Tattoo Design

american bird tattoo design


American Eagle Tattoo Design

american eagle tattoo design


American Tattoo Design on Wrist

american tattoo design on wrist


Hipster American Tattoo Design

hipster american tattoo design


Feathers play a big role in Native American culture, as nature and balance was part of the everyday life. Designs often show a combination of man and an eagle is it depicts a rich meaning of the eagle’s attributes.  The red-tailed hawk feathers are often used as they are considered as sacred birds in religious rituals.

American Tattoo Design for Men

american tattoo design for men


Black Work American Tattoo Design

black work american tattoo design


Awesome American Tattoo Design

awesome american tattoo design


American tattoos offer a wide choice in colors, design and symbol patterns. Many opt for these types of tattoos as patronage and signs of pride, strength and loyalty. A bald eagle and American flag on the shoulder is the ultimate patronage to America. You may also see Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

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