Old School Style Tattoos are reminiscent of the tattoo style used in our ancestral days. They are also known as traditional or classic tattoos and have a vintage charming appeal. Old school tattoos designs are usually very simple with bold black outlines and little color because in ancient days people barely used to opt for colored tattoos on their body.

Chest Eagle Tattoo Pattern

chest eagle tattoo pattern


Old School Tattoo For Men On Chest

old school tattoo for men on chest


Old School Girl Head Tattoo Design

old school girl head tattoo design


With transformation and modernization of the world, people are coming out of their shells and are thinking out of the box. At present, colored tattoos are much in vogue in ink studios across the globe. People are now going out for more vibrant colors to make their tattoo look for enticing and dramatic. But the old school tattoos also had their own beauty and charisma. It also carries with it its own meaning and significance. There are a plenty of alluring old school tattoo designs you can wear on your body.
The given aesthetically appealing old school tattoo designs will take you back to that era making you feel nostalgic.

Ship & Anchor tattoo designs

They were the pioneers when it comes to old school tattoo designs. They symbolize freedom and a spirit of adventure.

Ship Tattoo Design on Neck

ship tattoo design on neck


Traditional Ship Old School Tattoo On Leg

traditional american old school tattoo on leg


Anchor Old School Hand Tattoo Design

anchor old school hand tattoo design


Sparrow tattoo designs

Sparrow tattoo indicates a companion for a lifetime. It represents eternal love between 2 soul mates. It also means incarnation indication freedom after years of struggle and confinement.

Small Sparrow Tattoo on Foot

small swallow tattoo on foot


Rose tattoo design

It is a classic design and an epitome of true love. It can be in incorporated with other elements like daggers, skulls and birds.

Rose Old School Half Sleeve Tattoo Art

rose old school half sleeve tattoo art


Pink Rose Old School Tattoo On Shoulder

pink rose old school tattoo on shoulder


Cute Old Style Tattoo On Arm For Girls

cute old style tattoo on arm for girls


Birds and Roses Old Tattoo On Back

birds and roses old tattoo on back


The Dagger

Symbolizing justice, war and death.

Black Dagger Tattoo Design With Modern Twist

black dagger tattoo design


Dagger with Wings Old Tattoo Design

dagger with wings old tattoo design


Old School Knifes Tattoos For Men

old school knifes tattoos on both side ribs


Fun Snake and Dagger Tattoo On Chest

fun snake tattoo on chest



Symbolizing the power of feminine energy and Pin Up Tattoos

Mermaid and Rose Old School Tattoo Design On Back

mermaid and rose old school tattoo design on back


Bat Old School Tattoo Design On Full Chest

bat old school tattoo design on full chest


Colorful Custom Tattoo On Thigh

colorful custom tattoo on thigh


Owl Tattoo Design For Boys on Chest

owl tattoo design for boys on chest


Skull Tattoo On Side Rib For Boys

skull tattoo on side rib for boys


Old School Palm Tattoo Art

old school palm tattoo art


Traditional Panther Tattoo On Back Neck

traditional panther tattoo on back neck


Old School Swallow Tattoo Design For Men

old school sparrow tattoo design for men


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