Tattoos have been around for as long as one can remember and have now become a rage among all age groups. As the saying goes, if you haven’t been tattooed, you haven’t arrived yet. Enthusiasts for such intricate and eye-catching body designs refer to them also as body inking, skin art, pieces, tattoo art, work or simply, “tats”.

The heart tattoos – usually colored red with a thin black border and Cupid’s arrow piercing them are most commonly seen particularly among youngsters, as is the cupcake tattoo that comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The fruit tattoo, too, is preferred by many.

Small Cupcake Tattoo on Wrist

Small Cupcake Tattoo on Wrist Source

The standard cupcake tattoo on the left inner wrist comes with a pretty red bow and a colorful black-bordered yellow and red base. The cake top is green and also bordered in black. The ideal and typical small wrist tattoo design.

Skull Cupcake Tattoo Design

Skull Cupcake Tattoo Design Source

Innovatively designed, the skull cupcake tattoo shows a winking skull, wearing a pretty pink bow and with long eyelashes.  The design has been nicely executed, predominantly in black with a touch of green and pink. The stars that border the skull also of equal measure, suggesting the work of a professional.

Zombie Cupcake Tattoo Idea

Zombie Cupcake Tattoo Idea Source

The typical zombie, with that half-crazed, ever-bewildered look. Portrayed perfectly in shades of red, pink, white, green and black with the proverbial red apple on its head. Gives an almost clown-like appearance. One of the most popular designs with tattoo enthusiasts. Expertly created by an electrically operated tattoo machine that has inserted the inks into index finger skin through a needle or multiple needles fixed to the oscillating unit that repeatedly and rapidly drives these needles in & out of tattoo area between eighty to one hundred and fifty times in a second.

Cupcake Finger Tattoo

Cupcake Finger Tattoo Source

This shiny and cute cupcake tattoo gives the impression of a ring worn on the index finger of the right hand. It certainly is eye-catching with its pink top, green base and black border.

Cupcake Foot Tattoo

Cupcake Foot Tattoo Source

This one’s an absolute cutie. The proverbial pussy cat with its large eyelashes, prominent eyes and that ever so innocent expression that always touches your heart. Expertly done in shades of green, pink, blue and lilac with standard black bordering, the touch of white in the eyeballs make them come alive and look almost real. A grand piece of art!

Cupcake Tattoo on Hand

Cupcake Tattoo on Hand Source

The double cupcake design in a plethora of colors – orange, gray, pink, blue, yellow ! Great to fill up the entire forearm and surely attract attention. The multi-colored stars and spots act as appropriate fillers in the overall design.

Cupcake Tattoo on Shoulder

Cupcake Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This cupcake sure looks yummy with its cherry, wafer and sugar stick. The creamy topping is done in light pink and the outlines of the green base are clearly defined.

Traditional Cupcake Tattoo

Traditional Cupcake Tattoo Source

This is definitely a scene stealer that combines both graphics and lettering. It is surely the work of a professional who combines imagination and aesthetics in equal proportions. The pink flower along with its green leaves is perfectly executed with their black outlines clearly defined as is the blue mosaic-like cup base and pink, purple and black cake top. The word bake inscribed on the four fingers and the red, white and black rose on the cake top greatly enhance its appeal.

Black and Gray Cupcake Tattoo

Black and Gray Cupcake Tattoo Source

This simple thigh and leg tattoo, done in shades of gray and black with a bow on the cup base reminds you of a pencil sketch done expertly. The size is most likely to be over 1 & ½’. The shading on the cup base is also professionally handled and shows that the tattooist has a keen sense of proportion.

Cupcake Tattoo on Ankle

Cupcake Tattoo on Ankle Source

Yet another standard and cute ankle tattoo, similar to the small wrist tattoo. Uses red for the cake top and green for the base. Well defined black outlines enhance its overall appeal and the tattoo merits attention from onlookers when you cross your legs or expose your ankle. You may also see Star Tattoos Designs

Cute Cupcake Tattoo Design

Cute Cupcake Tattoo Design Source

Simple Cupcake Tattoo Idea

Simple Cupcake Tattoo Idea Source

Beautiful Cupcake Tattoo Design

Beautiful Cupcake Tattoo Design Source

Little Cupcake Tattoo on Palm

Little Cupcake Tattoo on Palm Source

Cupcake Tattoo on Leg

Cupcake Tattoo on Leg Source

Old School Cupcake Tattoo

Old School Cupcake Tattoo Source

Cool Cupcake Tattoo on Foot

Cool Cupcake Tattoo on Foot Source

Awesome Cupcake Tattoo on Arm

Awesome Cupcake Tattoo on Arm Source

Unique Cupcake Tattoo Design

Unique Cupcake Tattoo Design Source

Cupcake Back Tattoo for Women

Cupcake Back Tattoo for Women Source

Cat Cupcake Tattoo Idea

Cat Cupcake Tattoo Idea Source

Tattoos, needless to say, come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and are of the following types: Medical, identification, cosmetic, professional or amateur and traumatic. The modern tattoo has come to be recognized as a permanent makeup process and is fast gaining popularity the world over. Most tattoo enthusiasts feel that it’s like making a fashion statement or creating a unique personal identity. For instance, many opt for the Polynesian tattoo in particular, which has gained immense popularity among the ethnic groups of Borneo, Cambodia, Japan, the Philippines & Taiwan and is known for its unique design and color application.

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