One builds impression about your company right from the moment you hand them over your business card. The feel while holding the card, the looks and the information available, all of these are crucial to make an impressive business card. You should choose wisely while making your business card design as you do with any other marketing strategy. Here we have shared some business card designs and categorized them based on the profession as every profession has a unique audience. Hope you find these helpful while choosing the right business card design!

Editable Salon Business Card Template

Easy to Edit Law Firm Business Card Template

Printable Landscaping Business Card Template

Fitness Business Card Template in PSD

Manager Business Card Template

Corporate Lawyer Business Card Template

Sample DJ Business Card Template

Modern Corporate Business Card Template

Medical Business Card Template

Professional Business Card Designs

Sophisticatedly designed business cards are helpful in swiftly exchanging information and get rid of the hassles of noting everything on your phone. Business cards reflect a lot about you and your company and hence you should keep it clean and professional looking. Get a color that will be attractive to their eyes and so should be the design.

Modern Professional Business Card Design

Elegant Professional Business Card

Simple Professional Business Card Design

Corporate Business Card Designs

An expertly designed corporate business card can surely boost up your sales or at least it will be a good push for your marketing. Get a creative business card that people will love to hold onto. The boring cards mostly end up in the garbage bin. If adding graphics is too much for your persona, you can play with color block techniques.

Colorful Corporate Business Card

Minimal Corporate Business Card Design

Psd Corporate Business Card

Real Estate Business Card Designs

A unique business card design that will ensure to please your leads is using a thin metal cutout business card. May be you can use some engraved surface showing classic real estate clip art. There are many such unique and creative ideas to let people remember you and recall you at the right time.

Real Estate Agent Business Card Design

Real Estate Investor Business Card

Professional Real Estate Business Card Design

Floral Design Business Cards

Floral design cards are apt for any company involved in decoration business or are in the fashion or creative industry. Such designs look elegant if used for business that targets woman customer, and you know how much women adore flowers! If you are a florist then you should get the best of creative floral designs for your business cards. Wouldn’t that be remarkable!

Vintage Floral Business Card

Floral Print Business Card design

Golden Floral Business Card

Modern Business Card Designs

If you are involved in a business that celebrates modernity and works for its enhancement then your business card should reflect likewise. Your business card should not include those elements present in a gloomy traditional visiting card but should be an enchanting one. It should look expensive and reflect the efforts put into it while designing it.

Modern Architect Business Card Design

Modern Graphic Design Business Card Design

Modern Blue Business Card

Vertical Business Card Designs

Business cards printed in portrait mode are right-down exceptional and unique. It is a style statement on its own and you can enhance it even better with an expertly designed template that looks elegant and attractive with vibrant colors.

Modern Vertical Business Card Design

Black & White Vertical Business Card

Blank Vertical Business Card Template

Jewelry Business Card Designs

The colors of most jewelry business cards resemble the color of platinum or gold. But you don’t have to be restricted with these color options and get creative instead. It should be a little unique than the traditional jewelers’ business card and using a beautiful and elegant design will do the rest of the job.

Handmade Jewelry Business Card Design

Jewelry Store Business Card

Printable Jewelry Business Card Design

Construction Business Card Designs

Business cards should be personalized and customized according to the profession as that will give a personal touch to the beholder. Construction business should involve graphics of anything related to the part of construction your company is involved in. Imagery helps in connecting faster.

Construction Company Business Card Design

Construction Contractor Business Card

Home Construction Business Card Design

Photography Business Card Designs

Photography itself is a creative field to work in and the people you are going to meet are thirsty for creativity. Give it to them in your first meet so that they will long for your services. Make the face of the card personalized and go as creative as you can.

Wedding Photography Business Card Design

Professional Photography Business Card

Portrait Photography Business Card Idea

Interior Design Business Card Designs

Interior designing is a business of beautification and the business card should reflect this thing quite clearly. You can experiment with the layout and the colors as per your creativity. Your company logo should be vibrantly visible on the card.

Creative Interior Design Business Card

Modern Interior Design Business Card

Interior Design Student Business Card

Electrician Business Card Design Ideas

We don’t usually relate a cool looking business card with an electrician which is a good thing if you want to have a unique card and rejuvenate the style. It does not need many changes and deviation to be unique. Few colors and graphics are enough to do the job.

Electrical Contractor Business Card Design

Auto Electrician Business Card

Master Electrician Business Card

Beauty Business Card Designs

If you are involved in beauty business or own a salon and spa then your business card should be as beautiful as you claim your services to be. With so many competitors around the block, you need to hand over a unique something to your customers.

Beauty Salon Business Card Design

Beauty Therapy Business Card

Hair and Beauty Business Card Idea

Lawyer Business Card Designs

Lawyers should keep their business card as professional and elegant as possible. It should be hassle free to read the card and hence it should not be filled with any needless designs. Monochrome card designs with a little of red touch is an apt color combination for lawyers.

Divorce Lawyer Business Card

Attorney Lawyer Business Card Design

Professional Lawyer Business Card

Travel Business Card Designs

The tourism department is something that promises relaxation and fun, and this thing should be well reflected in your business card. Let your card remind your clients of the fun and the luxury they are going to receive from you.

Travel Agent Business Card

Elegant Travel Agency Business Card Design

Adventure Travel Business Card Design

Catering Business Card Designs

Food catering business cards can also be personalized according to the type of food you expertise in. If you are involved in bakery products then you can use graphic art to get cool template of delicious cupcakes.

Catering Service Business Card Design

Food Catering Business Card

Bakers Catering Business Card

Funny Business Card Designs

For people who have a touch of humor and want to show it off, they can use funny and creative business cards so that people will like to keep it with them. Using a pun on your profession is remarkable way to add the fun ingredient.

Funny Retro Style Business Card

Funny Personal Business Card Design

Funny Business Holiday Cards

Spa Business Card Designs

Spa are meant to get you relieved; relieved of pain, tension and give a soothing aura. Your business card should say all these and in simplistic manner. You can use imagery of the special services that you provide.

Spa Business Card Design

Nails Spa Business Card

Beauty Spa Business Card Design

Restaurant Business Card Designs

Restaurant business can have their business cards personalized and customized in a way that will reflect the ambience they provide and also the type of food they serve. All these can be done creatively using graphic art. The colors should be as vibrant as your dishes are.

Chinese Restaurant Business Card Design

Restaurant Manager Business Card

Mexican Restaurant Business Card

Medical Business Card Designs

The medical business is quite a serious one as it involves the health and fitness of people and hence the colors and designs used for such business cards should be subtle and carefully chosen. It should show that you are a responsible company or person and that people can rely on you.

Minimal Medical Business Card Design

Medical Doctor Business Card

Medical Spa Business Card Design

Artist Business Card Designs

The creativity used in business card of an artist should know no bound. You can experiment with every single thing involved in making the card, starting from the colors to the materials, there are no restrictions. Go crazy and go creative.

Makeup Artist Business Card

Tattoo Artist Business Card

Graphic Artist Business Card Design

Business cards are important for all profession. It helps your present clients to fall in love with you and it also increases the leads of your business. You can say that business cards are subtle marketing strategy that is targeted on the creative side of your clients and prospective leads.

With so many tips and tricks mentioned above, hope you can find the right design and the right template for your business card. Your card is sure to give your competitors a hint of jealousy and a lot of love to you from your customers!

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