In the corporate setting, business cards are very much like identification cards since both serve to identify the bearer according to their name, designation in the company, and some contact details. The difference between the two, however, is that identification cards are intended to be worn at the workplace or presented to requesting parties while business cards are shared by business people to prospects and other business people.

Business cards are basically small cards that bear a person’s name, the company or business that they represent and their position in that business, and their contact details that may include their telephone number, street address, fax number, email address, and even a social media site. Below is our collection of 18 very creative and eye-catching personal business card designs that are sure to grab the public’s attention, go ahead and start scrolling down to see the designs yourself.

Bokeh Effect Personal Business Card

The first personal business card design in this collection is one that makes use of bokeh effects as its background. For this one, the elements on the design are kept simple with just the name and the designation of the card’s bearer located in the middle of the design, and a few contact details indicated on the bottom portion. What makes this design artistic is the background, which is a multicolored surface with bubble-like circles that resemble bokeh effects. Because of the effects on the background, this would make a good business card for photographers.

Elegant Personal Business Card Design

Windows Start Menu Personal Business Card

Microsoft Windows was able to make history when they first introduced the Start Menu for the Windows 95, and because it is an essential tool for Windows users to help them navigate through the operating system conveniently. When the newer versions of Windows were released, the Start Menu was also updated to fit the theme of the operating system, making only minor changes to it. But when the Windows 8 was released, the Start Menu was completely revamped to make it suitable when used on mobile devices that have a touchscreen feature. This version of Start involved a full-screen menu with the apps and programs arranged in tiles with different sizes.

This modern business card design resembles that of the Windows 8 Start Menu, and with the multiple tiles that you can put on the design, you are allowed to write down multiple details as well, and in a very organized manner. Whether you are a computer programmer, a graphic designer, or just someone who is enjoys computers, this business card may be perfect for you.

Modern Colorful Abstract Personal Business Card

Vintage Colored Triangles Personal Business Card

For a vintage business card design with a touch of modern, take a look at the sample image above. This personal business card design’s back side involves the use of a pattern of small triangles with different colors for its background, and these colors have a slightly warm hue that makes it look vintage. For its front side, the pattern of triangles is still there but is heavily washed out to make the other elements and the contact details stand out, you may even be able to include a QR code on the design for people to scan to redirect them to either your website or social media page.

Windows Metro Interface Personal Business Card

Here is another business card design that is inspired by the interface seen on Windows computers and mobile devices, and this one is specifically based on the Metro Apps. Metro Apps are those programs and tools from the Windows OS that are optimized for touch inputs, and these apps were first introduced in Windows 8. Originally called Metro Apps or Metro-style Apps, their title has been changed to Windows Apps during the release of Windows 10. For this business card design, it resembles the look of the Start Menu from Windows 8 devices, and this is because the Metro Apps are basically found within the Start Menu. As you can see on the business card mock-up shown above, the design involves tiles of different colors, with each tile corresponding to a specific information about the card bearer, and these information are written in a first person perspective, which is unique from those business cards that we see every day.

Minimalist Modern Business Card Design

Metallic Dark Theme Personal Business Card

For a modern yet also beautifully organized business card, check out the design shown above. The background of this personal business card design is a simple, solid black background with very fine pattern or texture details that is hardly noticeable if you look at the business card from a distance. The whole card is divided into two columns, with the left one used for placing a logo or the name of the card bearer, and the right one for writing their respective contact details.

Colorful Creative Personal Business Card Design

Creative Retro Colors Personal Business Card

Promote the use of colors with this creative business card design. While the use of vibrant colors can already help in making this business card stand out, it has been made even more unique with its orientation. Most business cards were made to have a horizontal or landscape orientation, but this one goes the unconventional route by using a vertical or portrait orientation. The card is divided into rows of different colors, with each colored row used for indicating specific details about the card bearer.

Clean Necktie Personal Business Card

Glitch Personal Business Card Design

Glitches are commonly found when there is an interference in the reception or the signal, and this involves discoloration, shaking, and even a distortion of the image on the screen. While this may come as a natural occurrence on devices that receive radio signals, it can also be rendered digitally as an effect, and this has already become a trend in movies, music videos, and television commercials. Aside from applying the effect on videos, it can also be done on still images, and this is even easier to achieve than those on videos. The end result of the glitch effect will make it look like a three-dimensional image, as shown on the business card mock-up above. For this business card design, it is the ideal choice to go with if your job involves using computers.

Two Tone Minimalist Personal Business Card

Stylish Achromatic Personal Business Card

For a worry-free business card design that leans heavily toward simplicity and minimalism, here’s a clean yet stylish sample that you may be interested in. For this business card design, you may say that the only colors involved are black and white, with the latter color used for the background. The text is in black and only uses a sans serif type font, while putting emphasis on the name of the card bearer by writing it in very big letters. As mentioned in the previous sentence, the background of this card is in solid white color, meaning there aren’t any textures or patterns applied to it, yet it is still able to make itself look visually appealing even with its simplicity. If you want a minimalist personal business card, download this design now.

Social Media Profile Personal Business Card

The number of social networking site users have significantly increased as the sites itself have become widely used. Many would agree that the most commonly used social networking site today is Facebook, which is why using it as a theme would stand out, given that the theme is relevant to where it is used on. For the sample above, it shows a business card intended for Web designers, and taking Facebook’s profile look as the theme works well with his profession. If you want a trendy and very creative business card that is sure to stand out, you may want to download this design.

Red Modern Personal Business Card

Watercolor Background Business Card

Here is another business card design that relies heavily on the background for its creative and colorful features but keeps the rest of the elements minimal. This design involves random colors that are being splattered on the card, and these colors resemble that of water-based paint. If you look closely at the text, it may seem like it is written using a different color, but it is actually done using the design’s negative space, and the effective use of contrasting colors help in making the text stand out from its background.

Flat Linear Personal Business Card

The business card designs that you have just seen were gathered from various reliable websites while making sure that only the best and most relevant ones from among thousands of samples are chosen. These business cards were created and contributed by highly skillful and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world who wish to showcase their talent to be able to provide people with the best quality business cards.

Downloading these business card designs can be done without too much hassle and for a reasonable price as well. In fact, it will only require you to do three simple steps to be able to own any of these designs. The first thing that you will need to do is to pick out the design that works for you and click on its corresponding CTA button, then pay the required fee which ranges from $2.00 to $15.00, and then save the file on your system. Once you’ve done that, the business card design is yours and you can freely do whatever you want with it.

If you think that just because these designs are very affordable, their quality may not be that good, but these business card designs are actually very well made using high resolution vector format. And since these are vector graphics, they can be edited very easily and are able to retain its sharpness even when enlarged. We guarantee that these designs will give you a lot more than what you are paying for, which is why we highly recommend that you use them to make your own business card. But if making business cards is still new to you, you may want to read the ten commandments to a great business card design first.

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