In every thing that others did for us, regardless of how little or how big it was, or if we even appreciated what was done for us or not, it is always proper to say thank you. No, it is not necessary for us to return the favor by doing something similar. Some simple and sincere words of gratitude are sufficient enough.

But just because the act of saying thank you is enough, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything else. You can always go the extra mile and add something to make it more meaningful. That way, the person you are saying it to will know that you are an appreciative person and that you are sincere with what you said.

One good way of doing this is by giving a thank-you card. It is inexpensive and fairly easy to make, and you also get to write as much as you want, including things that you are unable to say personally.

For a more creative approach to your thank-you card, use a retro-inspired design, and we may just have an entire collection of thank-you cards with a retro design just for you. Feel free to look around and you might just find what you need.


Typographic Retro Thank-You Card


For a thank-you card design with a striking effect to the reader, you may choose to download this one. This design effectively balances the typography with its artistic features, and the colors used are contrasting to make it words stand out from the background. This is an ideal choice if you prefer a simple yet creative professional thank you card design.


Retro Typewriter Thank You Card


Typewriters are considered as a thing of the past, but some people still use them rather than computers to write documents, the same fact that some filmmakers prefer making movies with film cameras than digital ones. This thank-you card design reminds us of the instrument, other than by hand, that was being used by people to write messages and letters, which makes it even more meaningful.


Retro Broadway Thank You Card


Ornate Retro Thank You Card



Here is a retro-inspired thank you card design that makes use of an emblem, which is a symbol that bears a text within the image. The design itself is straightforward. The font type used is also reminiscent to the ones used in the old times, and this makes use of a lot of white space. A feature on this design that adds to the retro-theme are the ornate shapes found on the top and bottom of the emblem, which make the design look classy and elegant.

Thank-you cards may not be much, but the thought of making an effort in making and writing them are meaningful enough. If you make your thank-you cards by heart, then the recipient will be able to feel it and will surely find your card worth treasuring.

These thank-you cards are easy to make. Simply start off by downloading your chosen design by clicking on the download button. Edit your downloaded design using the appropriate editing tool, write your personalized message, and you are good to go. You may even replace the pre-designed text with thank you labels to make it more personalized. Just make sure to have your design printed on high quality paper or card stock to preserve the vibrant colors and the sharpness of your design.

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