Membership cards do a favor for businesses and members. Membership cards are one of the best representation of a brand. They help retain new members after they have purchased your goods and services and ensure existing clients that they are valued for their loyalty to the business or brand.

Your membership card designs should reflect the business or brand you are trying to promote. If you wish to have a unique and interesting membership card for your business, you can check online for designs that are provided in a downloadable and easily editable format.

VIP Club Membership Card

vip club membership card

Fitness Club Membership Card Design

fitness club card design

Gym Membership Card

gym membership card

Luxury Spa VIP Card

luxury spa vip card

Loyalty Membership Card

loyalty membership card

VIP Card Template

vip card template

The Advantages of Membership Cards

In this day and age having a membership card heightens someone’s status, but it is more than just that. Let us break down the following advantages of membership cards one by one:

  • Membership cards are your company’s way to know your customers’ spending habits so you can adjust your loyalty offers and services.
  • Having a membership card, members could easily access benefits or privileges with ease.
  • Use your VIP program as a chance to be visible among other brands. VIP benefits and privileges should reward clients without discounting or couponing.

Where are they commonly used?

  • Gyms. The use of membership cards in gyms help keep members safe and active and facilities well-functioning. This also ensures that non-members can not sneak in and use someone else’s card. Gyms could also track how often members use their facilities.
  • Retail. Retail establishments issue membership cards to their customers for entitlement to discounts or for points in their future purchases.
  • Spa and Luxury establishments. Having a spa membership card entitles card owners to spa benefits, depending on their membership level. Most spas allow their customers to share their membership cards with their family and friends. These establishments usually have separate VIP club card designs for their VIP members.

Retro Card Design

retro card design

Multipurpose Membership Card

multipurpose membership card

Front & Back VIP Membership Card Vector

front back vip membership card vector

VIP Club Membership Card

vip club card

Female Fitness Membership Card

female fitness membership card

Gold Membership Card

gold membership card

Geometric Pattern Membership Card Design

geometric pattern membership card design

Membership Card Mockup

membership credit card

Be a Member!

Your company’s membership card designs should be totally different from id card designs. While they are both important, ID cards are for your staff and employees, and membership cards are for your customers and guests. Membership cards should reflect a certain level of sophistication. If you are looking for membership cards that are suitable for corporate or personal use, check out the following templates:

  • Luxury Spa VIP Card
  • Loyalty Membership Card
  • VIP Card Template
  • Gold Membership Card

Gym membership cards showcase an active and strong design. If you are looking for a print ready gym membership card, you can always use the Gym Membership Card and Female Fitness Membership Card.

If your concept for your membership cards is designed for revelers, you may want to try VIP Club Membership Card and VIP Club Membership Card. Their designs use bright colors and artistic fonts and the templates are CMYK print ready.

If you want a more colorful or geometric design for your membership cards, the following are great template otions. These four templates offer a front and back design. They also come along with free background textures and different colors schemes.

  • Front & Back VIP Membership Card Vector
  • Geometric Pattern Membership Card Design
  • Membership Card Mockup
  • Membership Card Template

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