In every business or company, it is always advisable for businessmen to make use of business cards and exchange it with other businessmen or give it to prospects to make themselves known.

Business cards are very useful tools to introduce yourself to other people while also providing them with other necessary information such as your contact details, and the company you are working for.

But business cards are not only used by businessmen, it can also be used by freelance workers and other professionals, which in this case, medical professionals. Doctors, dentists, neurologists, and psychologists, just to name a few, can use business cards to have more prospects and possibly gain more clients.

We have an entire collection of medical business card designs that you can freely choose from, go ahead, scroll down, and pick out the best one for you.

Pain Management Doctor Business Card

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For doctors who are specializing in palliative medicine and pain management, you may download this business card design for your own use. The simple design on the front and the empty back portion clearly displays the simplicity of the design which makes it look professional. You may write down a short personal slogan or one that is for the respective institution you are representing.

Black and White Portrait Medical Business Card

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For a classy and unique business card design, you can also use this sample. This design gives you a vintage feel because of its monochromatic theme, and the portrait orientation adds to the uniqueness of this business card. From the image of the stethoscope itself, the recipient of this business card will find out right away that this bears the identity and contact information of a medical professional.

Cardiologist Medical Business Card

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For healthcare providers who specialize in the diagnosing and treatment of cardiac problems, then this is the perfect business card design that you should use. From the logo itself, bearing a symbol of a stethoscope over a heart, it is easy to understand that it the stethoscope symbolizes the medical professional and the heart symbolizes the area of specialization. You may even print this design on a square card stock and turn it into a square business card to make it stand out among other business cards.

Red Cross Shield Medical Business Card

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This business card design is also a great choice for medical professionals who specialize in cardiology. If you prefer a much simpler-looking design, then this is for you. This business card design bears a red cross shield emblem that symbolizes the logo used by the Red Cross and the protection of human life.

Another feature of this card’s design that makes it even more understandable that this is a heart doctor’s business card is the presence of a ECG tracing on the bottom portion of the card.

Medical Specialist Business Card with QR Code

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For those who prefer to use a more modern business card design that also contains a feature that is being used in today’s advanced technology, download this sample.

The front page may look simple because it maximizes the use of a blank space with the name of the company and the slogan compressed in the middle. The back page, however, contains all the information needed to identify the healthcare provider, including an portrait image, and a QR code on the bottom right corner of the card.

This QR code may be used for various purposes when scanned, it may lead to an online profile of the doctor, or it may also lead to the website of the institution where the doctor is affiliated.

For an even more modernized and unique business card, you can have it printed on a transparent hard plastic and turn it into transparent business cards.

Caduceus and ECG Medical Business Card

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This business card design is simple in the sense that it only uses the color blue and the white space is very prominent on the design. The presence of the Caduceus — which is a staff with two snakes twined around; a symbolism of healing — is enough to give people an idea that this is a medical professional’s business card.

Blue Medical Company Business Card

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Blue Portrait Medical Business Card with Caduceus

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If you want your business card to stand out even with its simplicity, then use this vertical-oriented business card.

The colors used for this design are only blue and white, and the design itself gives the blank space more prominence than the symbols and the text used, which makes it easy on the eyes. For more to choose from, we also have other business card mockups that you might find interesting.

As mentioned earlier, business cards are important tools to spread your identity as well as your business to the public. For doctors and other medical professionals, the use of business cards help them get recognized by people, which is very important for them to gain clients and be able to practice their profession.

The more well-designed their business cards, the more they get a good initial impression from prospects. So never settle for mediocre business cards. Download the most innovative business card designs from our website now!

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