It is indeed a cut-throat world, and amidst this high competitive spirit having a standard regular business card won’t really put you in the forefront (we know how you feel, but the truth is always harsh). Always remember that having a creative business card is like having a mini creative resume with you at all times. Considering the value and power of mini, we have today compiled a list of top 8 business card designs that might serve you with just the right design inspiration.

1. Bon Vivant

The Brazilian cheese store Bon Vivant’s business card couldn’t deliver the message any clearer. The business card doubles up as a cheese grater. Created by ad agency JWT, the design entails the factor of durability which puts the card a pedestal high in comparison to the regular paper made business cards.

2. Flow Yoga

This Flow Yoga Studio business card is made in the shape of an actual yoga mat. Giving the impression of the authenticity of the yoga experience you will have at the studio, the card certainly does the job at a ‘stretch’ (hope you got, what we just did here).

3. Bentply

This letterpress business card for a furniture shop Bentply can actually be transformed into a mini bent plywood chair. Designed by Richard C Evans, this inventive design presents the ordinary business card as a fun task to undertake, in turn engaging you with the nature of the shop.

4. Yuka Suzuki

Artist Yuka Suzuki designed a colourful business card that sends the apt message of makeup and hair expert. The different coloured hair grips used on the business card give the impression of colourful hairstyles.

5. Choko La

This candy wrapper business card designed by ad agency Draft FCB captures the essence of both the product and the mouth watering chocolates. Indeed an impressive way to target two treats with one simple wrapper.

6. Powell Peralta

These miniature skateboard business cards for American skateboard company Powell Peralta are made to look like an actual skateboard. With a thin wood and featuring grip tape on one side surrounding a skull motif, the design closely matches the actual wheeled board.

7. Myung Dong Opticians

This self-optometry business card of Myung Dong opticians in South Korea is a creative card designed by Seoul-based ad agency Black Pearl Creative. You simply need to place the card at an arm’s distance and instantly transform the business card into an eye chart.

8. Divorce Lawyer Business Card

This creative divorce lawyer business card tears up in the middle. Notice that it has information written on both sides. What better way to have justified division right from the start.

Think outside the box and create a design that is equally memorable for your target customer and your company. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a good first impression.

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