Branding marks a huge role in the success of an organisation. Whether it is in form of the name or the visual image that connects the company to the audience, branding plays a fundamental part in the growth of an organisation. Much to everyone’s knowledge, an organisation logo generally acts as the building block for the branding of an organisation. As the logo is featured on almost all the promotional materials, therefore it is important to get it right on the first go. We have today compiled a list of 6 point strategy guide that will help you design an efficient and impressive logo.

1. Understand The Brand

understand the brand

understand the brand1


As the logo is designed to reach a particular group of audience, it is essential to keep the nature of the brand and the logo reflecting it, together in sync. Try and make a mood board with a group of pictures that help you remember the ideology of the brand. Take note of both the aesthetics and the deeper significance while designing the logo of the brand.

2. Keep a Clever Check On The Trends

keep a clever check on the trends

Do not always just blindly rely on the trends, try and concentrate on the classic design rules and create something which will reflect meaning irrespective of the time and the ongoing trend. Try and convey your uniqueness in a simple and straightforward way. As the trends tend to fade out after a while, make sure your design is not entirely based on it.

3. Use of Appropriate Colours

use of appropriate colours

use of appropriate colours1

Every colour holds a meaning and reflects a particular emotion, it is best to take note of this phenomena and design your logo with the colour that imparts the right feeling. Remember it is not just the image but also the colour that plays a crucial role in creating a connect with the audience.

4. Line Art and Hand Drawn

line art and hand drawn

line art and hand drawn1

Do not overlook the carnal beauty of a hand drawn design. With a lot of food and beverage industries still using logos designed with line-art or hand-drawn effect, it makes all the more sense to incorporate the same in your design.

5. Be Creative Not Over Creative

be creative not over creative

be creative not over creative1

Even though innovation and creativity have no boundaries, but try and practically analyse your creative design or idea before finalising it for the masses. Sometimes, over experimentation can make a logo beautiful but not connected to the organisation. Make sure to keep a justifiable balance between artistic and realistic in the design.

6. Decide The Fonts Smartly

decide the fonts smartly

decide the fonts smartly1

decide the fonts smartly2

Just like certain colours, certain font styles too lend a precise meaning to the design. Try and pick a textual style that will leave a strong imprint on the onlookers brain. Along with a positive sense of relatability, make sure to give the serifs and sans serif styles a thorough thought before deciding the final pick.

The logo is generally the most significant part of the brand, so make sure to keep the above mentioned strategic guidelines in mind before designating one to your organisation.

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