All kinds of products are need of labels, and thus label designs. Of course, some kinds of products can look very distinct from one another, and their label designs would similarly differ. In the case of bottle labels, any label you place on a bottle wold have to conform to the shape of the bottle so as to stay on.

If you had some kind of bottling business, you may see the need for your bottle label designs. After all, you would need some way to design the labels on your bottles. Like other kinds of packaging designs, you would have to make your own bottle labels into something that could help you sell your products.

Water Bottle Label

Wedding Water Bottle Label

wedding water bottle label

Water Bottle Custom Label

water bottle custom label1

Baby Shower Water Bottle Label

baby shower water bottle label1

Beer Bottle Label

What Are Bottle Label Designs?

Bottle label designs can be considered an offshoot of product label designs. Product labels have the aim of marketing and representing the product, and bottle labels pretty much do the same. There are some differences between regular product labels and bottle labels, namely in that a bottle label does not necessarily have to represent its drink.

Of course, there are some things you can expect a bottle label would have. Much like other product labels, a bottle label would have relevant information written on it. This can range from ordinary information like the brand to technical details like the nutritional information. You could say that any label has more responsibilities than to just give a product’s name, it also has to explain what the product is in detail.

Though these are all bottle label designs, you should keep in mind that there are different products you can put in a bottle. Drinks might be the most obvious thing associated with bottles, but other such as drugs and other edible products like condiments can be placed in bottles as well.

Blank Beer Bottle Label

blank beer bottle label

Pill Bottle Label

Prescription Pill Bottle Label

prescription pill bottle label

All Bottled Up!

There are as many kinds of bottle label designs as there are products that come in bottles. You might think of designs for bottled water, but there are also all kinds of label designs for other kinds of drinks, such as beer label designs. But despite the variety of products, there are some elements that you would expect to see in most every kind of bottle label. You might argue that these elements of all things heavily contribute to these designs being so effective.

  • It is important that the product name be included. This can be a form of brand recognition. For example, fine wine would especially need its name listed on the label design so that customers know exactly what it is. In some cases, the product may be so obvious as to apparently not need such details, but it would help to include them for the sake of discerning customers.
  • Like other product label designs, it may also be wise to place a company’s logo on the label. This can be for the sake of brand recognition, as many such products are so famous as to be recognized on sight. It is also a good marketing strategy to insert the logo prominently on the label design, and trust that the “star power,” so to speak, can help sell the product.
  • A bottle label design should include all kinds of small details like nutritional information and volume. These may not seem like particularly important details, but it still pays to include them as they are required to be there by law. Aside from that, customers would expect them anyway, so it would be wise to include them to ward off potential problems ahead of time.

Wine Bottle Label

Wine Bottle Label Design Template

wine bottle label design template

Custom  Wine Bottle Label

custom wine bottle label

Juice Bottle Label

Fruit Juice Bottle Label

fruit juice bottle label

Sauce Bottle Label

Hot Sauce Bottle Label

hot sauce bottle label

More Bottle Label Designs

In spite of the fact that there are so many things in common between different kinds of bottle label designs, there are still a fair number of distinctions. After all, wine label designs are very distinct from water bottle label designs. There are a great many kinds of bottle label designs, even for products you might not have expected to come in bottles.

  • One type of label design you may be familiar with is liquor label designs. Many elements of their design contain information, such as alcohol concentration, that would be of particular value to connoisseurs. Their design generally calls attention to things normally associated with such drinks, such as grapes.
  • They may not be drinks, but sauces still have their own sauce label designs that can provide most of the same information you would expect to find in other kinds of label designs. Further, you would expect such a label design to contain different imagery than for drinks, such as peppers, in the case of hot sauce.
  • Pill label designs are, perhaps, not a design you may expect to encounter, but some drugs do indeed come in bottles. As such, these designs are less decorative than most, being that they are not concerned with being sold commercially. You can expect to find notes concerned with the prescription and dosage to serve as reminders.

Printable Wine Bottle Label

Printable Wine Bottle with Vintage Label

printable wine bottle with vintage label

Perfume Bottle Label

Perfume Bottles with Sale Labels

perfume bottles with sale labels

Supplement Bottle Label

Nutrition Supplement Bottle Label Design

nutrition supplement bottle label design

Vintage Bottle Label

Wine Bottles Set with Vintage Label

wine bottles set with vintage label

Vintage Wine Bottle Label

vintage wine bottle label

Medicine Bottle Label

Milk Bottle Label

Printable Milk Bottle Label

printable milk bottle label

Jar Bottle Label

Jar Bottle Label Mockup

jar bottle label mockup

Diy Bottle Label

Diy Wine Bottle Label

diy wine bottle label

Drink Bottle Label

There’s more!

There is no denying that there are a number of bottle label designs on this page. As a reminder, that extends beyond simply including drinks, as there are some designs for other products you can find in bottles, such as sauces. In short, this page should suit your bottle-related needs fairly well.

If these particular designs do not turn out to be what you need, then you may still make use of other packaging label designs  you may find on this website. There may still be a particular design you want that you may not have found and in that case, you may have better luck elsewhere on the website, particularly if you were looking for something other than a bottle label design. Some of the other offerings on this website have to do with designs other than for bottles, so you need not worry about not finding a useful design.

Even if you did not have a particular need for a label, we have other creative packaging label designs that may pay off later on, for yourself or for someone else, so you may wish to keep the website in mind for similar needs in the future.

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