These days advertising and promotion of products and services have become very crucial. You might have seen so many products are well packaged along with a labeling done to ensure that customer can differentiate the brand. Talking about the cosmetics packaging such as perfume packaging, it is done with some in depth process and performance of barriers and is ideally designed with extrusion resin so that it protects the content stored inside.

Blank Cosmetic Packaging

blank cosmetic packaging

In this set of packaging, you get total different 15 cost bottle packaging icons that you can use for the cosmetic. All these icons are designs with high resolution in which you can edit the color and style as per the project or the product requirement.

Cosmetic package

cosmetics package

The name itself suggests that this set of product packaging is designed for cosmetics and comes with the icons of silver and pink caps available. It also has 2 different borders which can be used for highlighting the design. The files that are included in the set are EPS 10 files and JPG files.

Men Cosmetic Packaging Design

men cosmetics packaging design

This type of packaging design is made for the cosmetics that are used by men mostly. It has a decent design and generally dark colors like black or gray. It comes with EPS file and has high resolution for better clarity.

Eco Friendly White Cosmetics Packaging

eco friendly white cosmetics packaging

This set of packaging comes with 10 files of EPs and JPG. It also has a blank foil sachet and illustration of a vector for better usability. It is designed for the packages that include cosmetics and fashion. In case you need to make any changes, you can do it with Adobe illustrator.

Tube Pack Cosmetic Packaging

tubes cosmetics packaging

This set of packaging is made with vector illustration. It comes with the tube pack of black and white color and is available in gel or cream. This set of packaging is available in a ready format still you can make the changes in the design and color through Adobe illustrator.

Lotion Packaging Template

lotion packaging template

This packaging set is available in different sizes that can definitely match up your project requirement. It has a vector illustration and comes with high resolution. You can make the changes in it easily or use the same by downloading it for free of cost.

Realistic Cosmetic Packaging

realistic cosmetics packaging

This is another cool set of cosmetics packaging which has white tube cover along with wide cap. It is used for the cosmetics like cream, toothpaste, glue, and ointments to name a few. It comes with JPG full resolution and does not have any text in it.

Luxury Collection of Cosmetic Packaging Set

luxury collection of cosmetic packaging set

This amazing set of packaging comes with 3d Luxury Collection which is mostly used for face beauty packs. It also has the set of vector illustration and can be edited with the help of EPS file present in it.

Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

plastic cosmetic packaging

For cosmetics that are hygienic products and plastic absorbed products can use such type of packaging. You can make the changes in its background and color or make your own style as they are completely vectors. It is also used mostly in ecommerce websites, ads, and banners.

Glass Cosmetic Packaging Template

glass cosmetic packaging template

This type of bottle packaging template is suited for the containers that have spray bottles. It can also be used for dispensers of soups and creams. As the set comes with vector illustration, you can conveniently make the changes.

Beauty and Cosmetic Product Container Packaging

beauty and cosmetic product container packaging

Cream Jar Cosmetics Packaging

cream jar cosmetics packaging

Gold Color cosmetic Tube Packaging

gold color cosmetic tubes packaging1

Multiple Style of Cosmetic Package

multiple styles of cosmetics package

Cool Realistic Black Cosmetic Tube Packaging

cool realistic black cosmetic tube packaging

Cosmetics Packages Design Beauty Product Vector

cosmetics packages design beauty products vector

Skin Care Package Design

skin care package design

Infinibee Cosmetics Packaging

infinibee cosmetics packaging

Dip Confectionery Cosmetic Package

dip confectionery cosmetics

Whether you are looking for jewelry packaging design or Cosmetic packaging, there are many options available easily which you can download. Cosmetic paging ideas are suitable for shampoo bottles, cream jars, and gel jars to name a few. Such packaging is manufactured from the finest quality for extra protection. So make your choice and create a unique designs for your product.

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