A chocolate product needs to have an appealing package in order to convince the customers to buy it. The first impression is like a first taste that appeals to the eye. From chocolates, candies and cookies packaging there is a great variety to choose from according to the confectionery product you have. In this post, we have prepared a list of ten chocolate packaging designs that you can choose for your own high-end product.

Handmade Chocolate Packaging

handmade chocolate packaging

These colorful chocolate packages are handmade. They can be customized to any size with a vector editor or you can choose the JPEG format. It is suitable for confectionery packaging.

Chocolate Bar Packaging Design

chocolate bars packaging design

This chocolate bars packaging design can be customized according to the size of your product. It comes in different color combinations that are suitable for both classic and white chocolate.

Blank Chocolate Bar Packaging

blank chocolate bar packaging

A blank chocolate package is like a blank canvas. In the white background, you can add details in matte gold or silver for a luxurious touch to the product’s look.

Creative Chocolate Packaging Template

creative chocolate packaging template

A creative way to style the package is with 3d designs. This will add a three-dimensional aspect to your products packaging. You can add details to match your product.

Chocolate Football Packaging Design

chocolate football packaging design

You can appeal to a certain target audience with the appropriate packaging. The tin foil packaging is a simple creative way to package small pieces of chocolate.

Realistic Chocolate Packaging

realistic chocolate packaging

This purple chocolate package is ideal for small and large chocolate bars. You can download it in a JPEG LARGE or in .eps format to customize with a vector editor.

Chocolate Bar Package Vector

chocolate bar package vector

Assorted Chocolates Box Packaging

assorted chocolates box packaging

Vector Dark Chocolate Wrapper Packaging

vector dark chocolate wrapper packaging

Kraft Paper Box in Gold Damask Print Chocolate Packaging

kraft paper box in gold damask print chocolate packaging

Cocoa Silk Chocolate Packaging

cocoa silk chocolate packaging

Upcycling Make-Up Bag of Chocolate Packaging

upcycling make up bag of chocolate packaging


Packages of Chocolate Candy in Golden Foil

packages of chocolate candy in golden foil

Nowadays, food packaging design is easier to create and customize on your own. The color choices that you can find are endless and all you need to do is choose the best design for you.

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