Finding the right kind of font style which suits your website detailing and your requirement will surely help to understand the interpretation of your product line by the customers.

Font style being used on the website has a direct impact over the customer’s attraction towards your website. There is various font style available with the website designer, amongst the most popular are sans serif, rounded, slab serif, display and decorative.



Sans serif has got ovular shape having stroke uniformly distributed making it easier for the customers to read it at any size.



This would look good in smaller size fonts rather the presentation would look quite impressive if it’s put up with all caps with letters having rounded and a nice form providing a simpler look to the text.



It is considered to be developed the form of geometric sans serif.

Proxima Nova


It is most popular font style originated in 2005 designed by Mark Simonson. It is considered to be a combination of Fatura and Akzidenz Grotesk, with a mixture of geometric appearance with the latest trend.



This font size has been one of the most favorite and trendy font being used by website designer for a long period of time, having the variety of features and attributes detailing the content in terms of clean lines focusing on the versatility and style.

Lobster two


Have you heard of Lobster, this is considered to be the variation of it, with a lighter version than the latest one to work out? The main feature of this script letter is that it is providing lots of ligatures that has the flexibility to change the shape which is based on the pairing of words.



This sans serif was launched in the year 2010, which was released by Colophon. It is described as a combination of ITC Johnson, Neuzeit, Frankline Gothic and Gill Sans.



Geometric sans serif with an elegant style font size provided with 11 weights along with matching italics to suit the requirements of the customers.



It is referred to as geometric font along with curved laceration.



This font is going to deliver the best in class to your content available on the website. It has designed considering the requirement of the clients delivering the strong impact over to the customers.



It has been designed by Tobias Frere – Jones and in 2000, it was released by H&FJ. It is considered to the most popular sans serif font style used by a number of website developers over a period of time.



This is one of the used font style designed by Adrian Frutiger, providing a variety of functionality beyond the scope of sans serif. Letterforms of this font size are pretty round and few variations in the strokes.

Brandon Printed


Delivering the best in class font size; one of the most popular and trendy providing website designing a meaningful way to have use inducing the customers to get attracted towards the website.

Brela Regular


Sans serif typography especially designed for the purpose of providing an opportunity for the writers to write down their contents in editorial formats. It is available in light and bold styles enabling the writer to show their working in different formats.

Brandon Grotesque


It is being used by various website designers for the purpose of enlightening your website, provided with amazing warm font style being inspired by sans – serif style. Coming up with different weights and helping you in creating visuals which are clean, legible and with latest modern designs. This font style has been enriching the quality of your content on the website.

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