Artistic fonts single-handedly hold the potential to improve or impair the design. If you have your project ready but are stuck with this important and crucial ‘type’ detail, try your hand at these English fonts which with their classic timeless style can enhance the beauty of your creative project, making it appealing and attention grabbing for the viewers.

1. Quiet the Thief

quiet the thief

Quiet the Thief is an English font available with 7 different typefaces. The simply designed lettered typeface carries the medieval vintage style that would suit well with a well-designed flyer or banner.

2. Vector Gothic Retro Style Font

vector gothic retro style font

Extensively detailed, the typeface carries a style which resembles the old English fonts that appear on medieval movies and history books. The typeface is the best pick if you are looking to make an instant statement with the design.

3. St. Monique Font


The font takes its inspiration from medieval typography and motifs. The subtle details and serif give the feel and touch of medieval times. The delicate design of the typeface is legible and easy to comprehend. The font features letters, numbers and combined letters, so you have the freedom to design without any limitations.

4. Fenrir Typeface

fenrir typeface

The typeface comes with 6 different styling options that will positively help to enhance your creations. Very easy to read, the font carries the classy old charm which is simultaneously very modern and easy to the eye.

5. Blackletter Modern Gothic Font

blackletter modern gothic font

This modern looking font can definitely be titled as the leader of gothic fonts. In comparison to the gothic counterparts, this font is very easy to read and register. The typeface is best suited for big lettering work.

6. Artedoms


Artedoms is the newly designed typeface created with sheer elegance and class. The old English font includes both upper and lowercase letters along with currencies, figures, symbols and numbers. The bonus set of ornaments and badges can readily take the design to the next level. The font is a perfect pick for designing classy wedding invitations, greeting cards and even clothing pieces.

7. Odd Times Typeface + Bonus Graphics

odd times typeface bonus graphics

This medieval blackletter typeface is one old English font that reflects vintage beauty without compromising the feature of legibility. The package also includes a set of graphic elements that complement with the font style and will definitely help you create the next masterpiece.

8. Cruller


The typeface is based on an old German lettering book from 1910. The creator found the font in the book years ago and has since used it several times in various projects. The font with its artistic value gives a unique touch to the project while making the look resemble closely to an old book. The font without a doubt can generate interest in a design enthusiast or a professional designer.

9. Glastonbury


The font with it angled edges and strokes makes the typeface a prime pick for emphasising the prominence. The mix of curves and sharp accents make the font interesting and catchy.

Pick the font that suits best with your preference and create a textually unforgettable feature.

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