As the spirit of holidays is overshadowing every activity and purchase, it would be a downer if we overlook the graphical love that is typography. Turn up the spirit of the festive season with some creative and artistic fonts that will help to add the seasonal cheer to your greetings and projects this December. We have today compiled a list of 15 best Christmas fonts that are not just going to further your festive spirit but will also accentuate and spruce up the fun and frolic of the holidays.

1. One Starry Night

one starry night

A fun and interesting font, the font holds its roots in hand lettering. The curves, swirls and swoops bring in a lot of artistic value and energy to the letters. The thickness ensures that the typeface isn’t too overwhelming for the reader.

2. Chopin Script

choppin script

Script based fonts are always a great choice for holiday designs and this Chopin Script font is just that. The thin letters, when combined with elegant curved lines, make way for an elegant typeface that can be used for a variety of designs.

3. St. Nicholas

st nicholas

The subtle and sophisticated texture of the font reflects well on the winter spirit and the structured and soft letters feature snow-like cutouts. The font is an edgy contrast from the accent swirls and swooshes in the capital letters.

4. Hand Stockyard Font


With a brush like texture, the font features and elegant stroke finish that is not too fine or rough in its appearance. The handmade quality and visual makes the font a perfect fit for holiday designs and projects.

5. Sunny Winters in Texas

sunny winter

Sunny winter is thin, casual and friendly typeface. The typeface carries a personal and handwritten quality. The font can also be beautifully paired with bolder accents fonts for some graphic experimentation.

6. Antrokas


The font is somewhere midway between a brush and script font. The font carries a beautiful contrast with certain thick parts of the letters being complemented with thin ribbon like accents. Utilize the font to give your holiday designs an elegant and refined appearance.

7. Alex Brush

alex brush

The broad spacing of the letters with brush style typeface make the font easy to read and perfect for both headlines as well as the text of the body.

8. Shipped Goods

shipped goods

The connecting and extending lines of the letters makes the font unconventional and a creative pick for the holiday design. The extended ascenders and descenders will also help to fill in the white space in your projects if that is the need of the hour.

9. Sofia


The upright style of the font makes the typeface legible as well as decorative for the holiday designs and projects. If you are looking a clean and pretty font, Sofia is undoubtedly your stop.

10. Contribute


This holiday font carries a rhythm and flow which makes it perfect for minimal as well as textual graphic projects. The handwritten touch of the font brings in a friendly touch of warmth to the design.

11. Always Here

always here

This handwritten style font is perfect for the holiday cards to send to your friends and family members. The legibility of the font makes the design easy to read and also perfect for sharing the season’s greetings.

12. Hultog Snowdrift

hultong snow

Adding a perfect touch of playfulness, this snowcapped font is creative and fun to include in your holiday projects.

13. Santa’s Sleigh

santas sleigh

This beautiful font carries a decorative and dressy quality. Soft and rounded, the formation of geometric shapes inside the letters creates the illusion of icicles- that add a smart and sharp contrast to the font.

14. Things We Said

things we said1

Drama themed and artistic, the font is one of the best ways to give a thematic start to your Christmas celebrations.

15. Kingthings Willow


Kingthings Willow is a perfect font to bring in the art and fun in your holiday festivities. The font can work well as a headline or a drop cap for lengthy Christmas message.

Hope you extend your creative and imaginative boundaries with these script and decorative fonts that are totally free and easy to download.

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