When designing a project, font is an important element to consider in order to create an all-round perfect design. Embossing flyers, creating flyers and leaflets, banners or letters are just some of the uses that fonts are important for building a brand. This list has put together a wide range of font ideas for you to chose from in order to get the best font to finish your project.

Classic Hand Written Font

classic hand written font

This font is a classic typeface, and is italic styled font but is not connected between letters, giving it an almost hand written feel. It is clean and succinct for a professional and fresh looking project, or could even be used as a web design or company font.

Elegant Classic Ornament Type Font

elegant classic ornament type font

This elegant typeface is a much more ornamental and Victorian themed font. It is much thicker and uses many embellishments in order to create a beautiful and classic font that is perfect for a range of different projects, such as web designing or embossing.

Classic Marathas Typeface Font

classic marathas typeface font

The Marthas Typeface is a modern and stylish font, which is perfect for projects aimed towards hipsters, and a younger audience. This font is perfect for numerous different projects, such as advertising campaigns, website design, and hundreds of other options.

Old City Classic Font

old city classic font

The Old City Classic Font is a stylish but old styled font that uses curly shapes to create the letters. It is perfect for a number of projects such as advertising things like beer, traditional banners and different signs or logos.

Classic Decorative Font

classic decorative font

This font uses white lines and rectangles in order to create the shapes, and uses small stars to embellish each letter. It is a great glyph set to use for American themes businesses as a letterhead or banner to show the theme of your business.

Handwritten Classic Font

handwritten classic font

This font is quite a classic, hand written style font to create a simple but chic look for any project. It is perfect for modern, lighter styled project to make a statement and catch people’s eye. It can be used in many different colours to suit your project perfectly.

Black Classic Font

black classic font

This black classic font is a much more gothic themed font which is ideal for gothic themed projects. The font uses classic italic cursive style and has very sharp edges and small curly embellishments to create a strong and classic font.

Bold Classic Font

bold classic font

This bold font is much slimmer than some of the other bold fonts on this list, but is still a striking font, perfect for web design, logos or signs. It has several variations, but each one is sleek and clean in order to provide you with the perfect font for your company.

Classic Roman Font

classic roman font

Classic Chancery Font

classic chancery font

Quest Classic Font

quest classic font

Classic Narrow Text Font

classic narrow text font

Dirty Classic Font

dirty classic font

Classic Hit Font

classic hit font

Athens Classic Font

athens classic font

DJ Classic Font

dj classic font

Arcade Classic Font

arcade classic font

Graffiti Classic Hand Drawn Font

graffiti classic hand drawn font

It can sometimes be difficult to get the perfect font for your business or advertising campaign. This list has put together some of the best fonts for a wide range of projects so that you don’t have to constantly scroll through options, and we hope that this list has helped you choose, or given you some inspiration for the best fonts for your business or project.

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