Fonts came into this world in 1440 with the birth of Johannes Gutenberg痴 printing press, and have moved through innumerable changes, trends, fashions and modes since then.  In 1501, it was the newly invented italic font that became all the rage, while in 1760 it was ultra-thin serifs that were causing an uproar; in 1901 Copperplate, in 4 the Typewriter font.

Space Attack Electronic Font Design

Different Electronic Font Design

Electronic Planet Flyer Font Design

The journey of font from Arial, to Papyrus, the Johnstone font of the London Underground and the Garamond Light font of Apple is a fascinating one, and shows an increasingly discerning appreciation for the art of the font among designers and their audience. Let痴 look now at one of the latest trends in this art: the Electric font.

Amazing Electronic Font Design

Cloud Electronic Font Design

Electronic Font Design

Collection of Electronic Fonts

The Best Electronic Font Design

Electronic Programming Font 

Net Design Electronic Font

M Letter in Electronic Font Design

Lighting Electronic Font Design

Abstract Letter E in Electronic Font

Letter T Electronic Font Design

Electronic Font Design Alphabets

All Alphabets in Electronic Fonts

Electronic Machine Font Design

E plugin Electronic Font Design

Net Electronic Font Design

Featuring a retro electrical or lightning flash or shockwave jagged buzz, Electric font can feel like a throwback to the Athena posters of the 1980s. Looking for a punk retro feel to your website or business cards? Electric font is the one to choose.

Electric Font design will give a young, trendy, fun and friendly buzz to your message, a design that will attract a younger eye, for sure. Electric designs include the crackling Furry, the zany Electric Shock and the zinging Bocaine.

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