Tape Photoshop brushes are brushes that add the look of tape onto the corners or to the sides of a picture to create the look of a scrapbook or a picture taped onto the wall. There are many different kinds of tape Photoshop brushes available to download and use. This list compiles some of the best Photoshop tape brushes available online.

High Resolution Tape Photoshop Brushes

high resolution tape photoshop brushes

This downloadable tape brush gives you eleven different options of tape brushes to suit your design ideas. They are fully resizable and high resolution, so they are perfect for all Photoshop users.

Padded Room Tape Brushes

padded room tape brushes

This tape brush is mainly a white tape brush, which is perfect for those who use Photoshop to digitally scrapbook. The brushes are resizable to fit any and all design ideas.

Stains and Scotch Tape Brushes

stains and scotch tape brushes

This design is a slightly older looking brush design and is mainly designed with whites, creams and yellows. It is ideal for digital scrapbooking, as well as adding a vintage look to personal photos. It is free to download.

Old Sticky Tape Brushes

old sticky tape brushes

The Old Sticky Tape Brushes give a vintage feel to the photos and is perfect for editing photos into scrapbooks or for social media purposes. There are many different shades of the sticky tape colors, from yellow to white or even clear.

3d Tape Brushes

3d tape brushes

This template package gives you a wide range of options for tape brushes. It ranges from sticky tape to duct tape and comes in a range of high-resolution designs and colors. There are more distressed options, as well as neater options to fit any Photoshop design.

Mediocre Tape Brushes

mediocre tape brushes

The Mediocre Tape Brushes Package is based on a masking tape design with the traditional masking tape colors. This design is perfect for digital scrapbooking or editing photos for social media pages.

Fancy Photoshop Brushes

fancy photoshop brushes

The fancy tape brush set uses bright pinks, blues and yellows to create a fun and almost childlike design for scrapbooking with younger children and children’s picture editing. It features polka dots and hearts and stars as embellishments on the tape for a quirkier feel.

Tissape Tape Brushes

tissape tape brushes

The Tissape Tape Brush is another masking tape styled brush and mainly has a white, slightly opaque texture to the tape. It is a traditional masking tape brush and fits with a lot of different Photoshop designs.

Tape and Paper Brushes

tape and paper brushes

The tape and paper brush is a very cute design that features pastel colors such as pinks and blues. It also has many different styles of embellishments in order to fit with a girly Photoshop design or a child’s digital scrapbook.

Elegant Tape Brushes Set

elegant tape brushes set

The tape Brushes package is a plain black and white version of each different style of tape. It could be used for scrapbooking, or as headers and icons for a website. It is fully customizable and has different options to fit the user’s design ideas.

Masking Tape brushes

masking tape brushes

Tizzape Tape Brushes

tizzape tape brushes

Tape Brushes

tape brushes

Sticky Tape Brushes

sticky tape brushes

Sticky Tape Hi-Resolution PS Brushes

sticky tape hi resolution ps brushes

Assorted Tape Brushes

assorted tape brushes

Grungy Masking Tape Brushes

grungy masking tape brushes

Masking Tape Brushes Set

masking tape brushes set

Elegant Tape Brushes

elegant tape brushes

Whether you want to use a tape brush for scrapbooking, as a design element for a website to anchor text, or for any other reason, these brushes are some of the best options to fit many different needs and designs. This list offers many different types of tape designs for all of your Photoshop needs.

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