High-resolution Photoshop tech brushes happen to be a fantastic invention that is also a great time saver when creating mind-boggling designs and artworks. It?s additional advantage is that you don?t need to draw each and every individual design element separately. Tech brushes are available for creating a wide range of designs ? from leaf patterns and fabric designs to typography and cloud patterns. Furthermore, these can be categorized as painterly, natural, grunge, fantasy & sci-fi and special effects brushes. You may also see Tape Brushes

Hi-Tech Brushes

hi tech brushes

These come in a set of eight and are known for their quality with infographic elements adaptable by Photoshop. Instructions are included for installation.

Plexus Brushes

plexus brushes

A set of 40 high-resolution Abstract Brushes ideal for Photoshop CS6+ onwards to CC. Pixel size is 4000 px X 4000 px. Transparent PNG file included. File Types are All files, PNG and ABR. The file size is 362.72 MB.

Tech Brushes Collection

tech brushes collection

9-item set of tech brushes with high resolution that effectively produce displays for the rapid screen for Holomatrix projections.

Btech Brushes

btech brushes

Ideal for creating the futuristic effect, these brushes come in a 20-item set applicable mostly to sci-fi projects. Readme & ABR files included with installation instructions as well. Adaptable to Adobe CS version.

Retro Tech Brush Set

retro tech brush set

These are twenty-one Photoshop presets of brushes inspired by retro sci-fi. Ideal for the creation of technical documents that require the classic space-age look.You may also see Gun Brushes

Abstract Tech Brushes

abstract tech brushes

These are ideally suitable for Photoshop versions CS, CS2, and CS3.The set comprises 55 terrific brushes that make tech and/or abstract imagery look absolutely easy.  Ideal for commercial use and applicable to a multitude of projects.

Technology Brushes

technology brushes

Ideal for technical drawings and documents, these brushes help you create geometric patterns of various shapes and sizes and in reverse too. Gives your artwork that sci-fi and futuristic look while saving time considerably.

Hi Resolution Tech Brushes

hi resolution tech brushes

These are a set of 20 Hi-Res brushes for creating signatures, backgrounds, badges and icons. A 300 DPI resolution free wall paper is also included with a pixel size of 1920 px X 1200 px. Add-n files include Photoshop ABR and JPG Image.

Circular Tech Brushes

circular tech brushes

This set of Photoshop brushes is ideal for creating those snazzy lines and circles. Use them at your will to give your artworks that typical retro sci-fi look.

Futuristic Interface Techno Brushes

futuristic interface techno brushes

Tech Brushes Set

tech brushes set

Cog Wheel Tech Brushes

cog wheel tech brushes

Technical Brushes Set

technical brushes set

Camera Lens Brush

camera lens brush

Tech Pixel Brushes

tech pixel brushes

Techy Shapes Brushes

techy shapes brushes

Tech Wing Brushes

tech wing brushes

Tech Race Lines Brushes

tech race lines brushes

Circle Tech Brushes

circle tech brushes

Spaceship Brushes

spaceship brushes

With Photoshop having made some remarkable innovations, high-resolution tech brushes have not only become popular but are here to stay. They also have the internal link anchor text that enhances page navigation and proper distribution of page authority. The power ranking within site limits is also properly distributed.

The greatest advantage of these brushes is that they give the artist the full flexibility and liberty of creating designs and artworks that give appropriate shape to their imagination and make their work much easier. Gone are the days when artists had to seat it out in the studios painstakingly creating hand-drawn artworks because Photoshop now gives them the grand advantage of creating, modifying and changing any artwork they wish.

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