Photoshop brushes are being use in a daily bases by thousands of graphic designers around the world. The available designs range in various themes, forms and concepts giving you the opportunity to expand your brush collection with new ideas. Paint brushes are quite popular among designers. They can offer a variety in designs covering everyone’s need and imagination. Today we are presenting you with a collection of paint photoshop brushes to give you something extra inspiring.

Spray Paint Brushes

Spray paint brushes have a distinctive look that is ideal to create color splashes in your designs. You will find them in extra high quality for stunning results in your projects.

High Resolution Spray Paint Brushes

Glitter Spray Paint Brushes

Blue Spray Paint Brushes

Splatter Paint Brushes

Most splatter brushes come in gorgeous packs that will allow you to use them in various projects. Add style and color with creative splatters you can find in high resolution. You may also see Blood Splatter Photoshop Brushes

Free Paint Splatter Brushes

Photoshop Paint Splatter Brushes

Colorful Paint Splatter Brushes

Watercolor Paint Brushes

Every watercolor brush has a different outlook that is going to add character and style in projects like posters and flyers. Choose designs with high quality for excellent printing results.

Watercolor Paint Stroke Brushes

Large Watercolor Paint Splatter Brushes

Acrylic Photoshop Paint Brushes

In acrylic paint brushes you will find creative designs that will allow your creativity to unfold. Every brush has a unique style that leaves a different print on the designs.

Acrylic Paint Photoshop Brushes

Paint Stroke Brushes

Stroke brushes create a strong spot that gradually faints leaving paint residue on their wake. This makes them ideal in case you want to add a rustic ambience to your work. You may also see Spray Photoshop Brushes

Glitter Paint Stroke Brushes

High Resolution Paint Stroke Brushes

Paint Drip Brushes

Dripping paint has a stunning look that is ideal for many projects in retro and edgy designs. Most designs are available in remarkable formats with high resolution suitable for every medium.

Realistic Paint Drip Brushes

Spray Paint Drip Brushes

Paint Smudge Brushes

Smudge brushes offer a soft look that contrary to the basic brushes can give you a smoother merge among colors. You will find them in various styles and designs to choose from.

Paint Smudge Drip Brushes

Grunge Paint Brushes

In the grunge genre the brushes offer a fashionably messy design that can uplift every project. Suitable for posters, greeting cards and web sites that need a little bit of edginess.

High Quality Grunge Paint Brushes

Grunge Paint Splatter Brushes

Paint Splash Brushes

Paint splashes can give you a strong abstract design to create modern and contemporary designs. You can find them in all known formats to give a stunning outlook to your projects.

Simple Paint Splash Brushes

Colorful Paint Splash Brushes

Art Paint Brushes

Art might need precision or not. The choice is yours to make with the art paint brushes. They can give you excellent quality that will look incredible in every medium.

High Resolution Art Paint Brushes

The variety of paint Photoshop brushes is enormous. You can find many designs that will cover your needs in style and practicality. Feel free to take a look at every paint brush and experiment with the ones that you think might help you with your current and future design works.

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