For some professionals, designers especially, Adobe Photoshop has been their main tool for creating designs and has helped them achieve their creative vision that might have been too difficult or impossible to create manually.

Photoshop provides you with advanced tools and features to use. However, there will come a time when you will have to download some presets, such as additional photoshop brushes and more complicated color schemes, that will help you achieve more your desired effects. Some of these include Polaroid effects, watercolor effects, and cloud effects.

High-Res Cloud Brushes

Realistic Cloud Brushes

Sky Cloud Photoshop Brushes Set

Dreamy Soft Cloud Photoshop Brushes Set

Variety of Cloud Brushes

Cloud brushes help you achieve the cloud effects you need for your design output. You can also use these for the different moods or weather conditions you want in your work. For a more realistic effect, you can pair these cloud brushes with sky brushes to create detailed sky patterns in your digital designs, just like a real painting or artwork. Some of the designs you can use are the following:

  • Realistic cloud brushes. These types of cloud brushes are often used in artwork that depict clear skies and pleasant weather, where the clouds usually appear very fine and thin. These brush sets also have different clear cloud formations you can use.
  • Dreamy soft cloud Photoshop brush set. You can often use these types of cloud designs for drawings or artwork that express a relaxing mood, where the cloud patterns and colors are soft and pleasing to look at. You can also use different brush strokes to produce different cloud patterns or shapes.
  • Transparent cloud brushes. These types cloud brushes are used to create cloud designs that have an acrylic paint theme, making the end result look like it was a real life painting. These may also be used as additional details if you want a moody afternoon painting effect on your design.

Cloud Brush Pack

Halftone Cloud Brushes

Transparent Cloud Brushes

HIgh Res Cloud Brushes

Cloud Photoshop Brushes

Cloud Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

Use A Cloud Brush

Cloud brushes can be very useful, especially when applied to digital designs, as they give more effect and detail to your output to make them look realistic. You can use cloud brushes if you have these projects:

  • Digital paintings. The most common use of a cloud brush is to apply cloud effects in your digital paintings. You have the freedom to add more details to your work and save time from creating your own cloud effects manually. Using cloud brushes will also help you achieve a realistic effect in your output.
  • Backgrounds. You can create backgrounds for multiple projects or media, such as posters, invitations, cards, event backdrops, tarpaulins, and the like, using cloud effects. Using clouds for your background would also help enhance the text on your material, which would bring the design altogether. If you want a nighttime feel to your designs, you can pair cloud brushes with nebula brushes to add a starry effect.
  • Decorations. You can also print out the different cloud patterns or effects and use them as decorations on bulletin boards, your room, or anywhere you wish.

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