Photoshop has become one of the best concepts in today’s time to have amazing features that can save ample of time. There are different Photoshop scratch brushes by which you can create a unique artwork without much hassle. There are different types of brushes such as fabric texture, crack brushes, cloud patterns and even typography to name a few. Whether you have CS3 or have recently joined creative cloud do not miss out the opportunity to download this amazing tool and start flourishing the designs.

Scratch Texture Brushes

scratch texture brushes

In this set of brushes, there are around 30 scratch brushes available in ABR file. The brushes are available in 2500 px. In case, you require any kind of help, you can go through the Help file.

Scratched Surface Photoshop Brushes

scratched surface photoshop brushes

This is another interesting set of 8 brushes that gives you great grungy background. You can also use it for making the scratched background and grunge effects to your designs. The sizes of the brushes will vary from 1800-2500 pixels that gives better clarity.

High Quality Scratch Brushes Set

high quality scratch brushes set

There is nothing to deny the fact that this type of brush set is amazing as compared to other brushes. There is a 24 set of high quality brushes right from spray and splatter brushes till the cracks, and grunge’s concepts to enjoy. This set has got everything that you have been looking for improving the image.

Vector EPS Scratch Brushes

vector eps scratch brushes

With the set of 22 brushes, you can distress the design easily along with dirt brushes. It is extremely easy to apply as its selection of the brush tools can be easily view. You simply have to choose the brush style that you need to apply depending on your needs and strokes length.

Photoshop Ink Scratch Brushes

photoshop ink scratch brushes

With the high resolution 12 ink scrapes and scratches, this set gives amazing performance. It is the best tool that you can use for designing and overlaying on the top head of the design. This gives an additional touch to the grunginess. It is perfect for those people who have been looking forward to make a grungy work of art.

Scratch Brushes Set

scratch brushes set

This is another perfect set of Photoshop brushes that includes 54 different brushes that works best with ABR format and JPG format too. The set is used by the designers and the professionals to enhance the effect of their artwork.

Layered Scratched Brushes

layered scratched brushes

With more than 50 hi resolution brushes, this set of Photoshop brushes is a must have especially when you have your own art. It gives you a texture and effect and is best suited for ABR file, PSD files and JPG files

Scratch Hatch Photoshop Brushes Set

scratch hatch photoshop brushes set

This set of brushes includes 11 different types which are well crafted and have dynamic designs. It is especially helpful for those people who wish to make a sketchy effect in the digital photo or picture that you have already used.

High Resolution Scratch Brushes

high resolution scratch brushes

This collection of brushes has different patterns like splatter, spray paint and even the watercolor brushes. The good part is all of such brushes give high resolution effect which every designer wishes to have.

Metal Scratch Brushes

metal scratch brushes

With 12 metal scratches, this set of brushes gives amazing design and is certainly value for money. The set gives a good grungy texture which can enhance the effect of your design.

Scratch Photoshop and Gimp Brushes

scratch photoshop and gimp brushes

Scratch Brush Pack for Photoshop

scratch brush pack for photoshop

Vintage Scratch Brush Set

vintage scratch brush set

 Scratch and Grunge Brushes

scratch and grunge brushes

Homemade Scratch Photoshop Brushes

homemade scratch photoshop brushes

Photoshop scratch brushes are considered to be the most important ones by the designers as they utilize it for enhancing their designs and creative concepts. It gives a stunning look to the final image with high resolution. Whether you go for Blood Splatter brushes or any other set of Photoshop brushes, these are eye catching as it gives the best background designs and textured graphics that you may not find anywhere else.

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