As the 2016 presidential election reaches its final lap, the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been in the news not just for the various political attempts to garner votes but also for the fashion attempts made by the nominee. For the latest addition to Hillary’s “Made for History” collection, the fashion designers produced custom designed merchandise to show support for the campaign.

Why not style your support with a $25 black bandanna that bears the name “Hillary” in the script.

In respect to the presidential nominee’s close and elegant connection with fashion, we are today looking back at the most memorable looks of the candidate. Right from headbands and scrunchies to the famous pantsuits, we are enlisting the top looks sported before along the campaign.

1. 1969


This can be a great photograph to play the guess who game. Without any further speculation, let us just tell you, that is our presidential nominee in Wellesley College.

2. 1992


Clinton at a party at Clinton-Gore Headquarters.

3. January 1993

ball dance

Looking absolutely stunning in lavender embellished gown, Hillary Clinton at the Arkansas Inaugural Ball following President Bill Clinton’s inauguration.

4. 1995


Clinton sporting soft soothing pink with golden studded button looks all happy and giggles at the opening of an art exhibit at the White House in 1995.

5. January 1997


Looking charming and elegant in an overall pink ensemble, Clinton makes a mark at President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration.

6. January 1997


Wearing a perfect white embellished gown and gold heels, Clinton portrays the true charm at the inaugural Ball following President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration.

7. 1997

grammy award 1997

Wearing a green gown while accepting her Grammy Award for Best Spoken Album.

8. 2008

hillary clinton democratic national convention 2008

Wearing a complete orange at the democratic national convention.

9. 2013


Wearing an embroidered black upper piece, Hillary looks sophisticated at an event in New York City.

10. April 15, 2015


Wearing the standard solid shade pantsuit, she looks elegant at a small business roundtable in Norwalk, Iowa.

11. June 13, 2015


Carrying a complete bright blue at her presidential campaign launch at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City.

12. December 19, 2015

hillary clinton manchester new hampshire

Sporting the unusual brown at a democratic debate in Manchester, New Hampshire.

13. January 30, 2016

hillary clinton cedar rapid iowa

Gradually proceeding up in the colour scale, Clinton is seen in a bright red while speaking in Cedar Rapid, Iowa.

14. February 27, 2016

clinton wins

With a classic addition to several shades of blue, Clinton is seen in textured blue while campaigning in Fairfield, Alabama.

15. April 21, 2016


The bright-hued coat and elegant overall print make the look distinct and unique.

16. July 14, 2016


Giving a break to the solid hues, the patterned suit with soft pastel shades is certainly a complimenting piece.

17. July 28, 2016


Ending the list with a all white pantsuit that definitely works wonder for the former first lady.

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