A dining room has to have a beautiful and well-designed lighting in order to set the mood for a journey to the tastes. Lighting fixtures come in a great variety of designs that add style and character to the dining room area while also shedding light in unique ways. From pendant lighting to stunning chandeliers you will find them all in the following collection of dining room lighting designs to help you find the right choice.

Modern Dining Room Lighting

In a modern space, you can create a stunning design with lighting that comes in stunning chandeliers made of metal or crystal. You can also choose to get a set of pendants in a creative design to hang different levels to bring visual interest. You may also see Kitchen Lighting Designs

Modern Dining Room Hanging Light

modern dining room hanging light


Modern Dining Room Chandelier Lighting

modern dining room cahndelier lighting


Rustic Dining Room Lighting

Wood, metal, and glass are the main materials that feature the most in rustic lighting fixtures. Choose a design that has a strong look that will add rusticity in your dining room area incorporating one of those materials with creativity.

Rustic Dining Room Metal Lighting

rustic dining room metal lighting


Rustic Dining Room Pendant Lighting

rustic dining room pendant lighting


Dining Room Chandelier Lighting

Choose a design that will give a warm tone to your space while also adding a visual interest. You can choose among a vast selection of designs that will blend easily in your dining room setting giving you elegant tone. You may also see Chandelier Designs

Awesome Dining Room Chandelier Light

awesome dining room chandelier light

Photo by Matt Harrer

Dining Room Crystal Chandelier Lighting

dining room crystal chandelier lighting


Dining Room Track Lighting

Track lighting looks stunning while giving versatile use to create a different atmosphere every time you use your dining room. An adjustable design will allow you to change the alignment of every bulb helping you accentuate various spots n your dining space.

Dining Room Ceiling Track Lighting

dining room ceiling track lighting


Dining Room Hanging Track Lighting

dining room hanging track lighting

Design by Karen Maximo Fernando

Dining Room Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come in various materials, styles, and shapes giving you many choices for your dining room. For a round table, you should go for a drum or a fountain design while for rectangular tables you can go for a set of designs. You may also see Outdoor Lighting Designs

Beach Style Dining Room Pendant Lights

beach style dining room pendant lights

Design by Brandon Architects

Dining Room Glass Pendant Lights

dining room glass pendant lights


Vintage Dining Room Lighting

In a vintage dining room, you need the light to be as warm as possible in order to add classic tone to the space. You can go for a chandelier with shaded lamps that add a soft glow of light over the dining table.

Vintage Dining Room Chandelier Lighting

vintage dining room chandelier lighting


Vintage Dining Room Ceiling Lighting

vintage dining room ceiling lighting


Hanging Dining Room Lights

Hanging lights give you versatile use in your dining room. The variety is so great that there is at least one design that can match your needs in practicality and style. Hanging lights can always be adjusted in their height. You may also see Kids Bedroom Lighting Designs

Dining Room Hanging Mod Pendant Lights

dining room hanging mod pendant lights


Rectangular Shape Hanging Light for Dining Room

rectangular shape hanging light for dining room


Traditional Dining Room Lighting

In the traditional genre, the lighting fixtures feature stunning combinations of metal, crystal and fabrics bring you incredible designs. You can choose a chandelier with candle lamps or a piece with shades for an extra dose of style in the space.

Traditional Dining Room Chandelier Light

traditional dining room chandelier light


Traditional Dining Room Crystal Lighting

traditional dining room crystal lighting


Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting

For a farmhouse space you need to focus on metallic designs ma?? of oil brushed bronze or brass to give a rusty look while materials like glass and crystal are perfect for outdoor lighting. Choose the right design based on the space’s formality to gain extra style. You may also see Bathroom Vanity Lighting Designs

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting

rustic farmhouse dining room lighting


Farmhouse Dining Room Ceiling Light

farmhouse dining room ceiling light


Contemporary Dining Room Lighting

Contemporary lighting fixtures add a stylish effect in your dining space while at the same time bringing a strong vibe of art deco. You can go for any design that draws your attention and blends with the space completing it.

Cool Contemporary Dining Room Lighting

cool contemporary dining room lighting


Contemporary Dining Room Hanging Lighting

contemporary dining room hanging lighting


Create the most stunning ambiance, in your dining room and complete the look with the right ceiling lights. You have to choose a design that will look stylish even when the lights are off to add extra style. In any case, we hope that our collection managed to help you.

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