Bathroom lighting designs are a great way to illuminate your bathroom in order to help you see clearly as you apply your make up or shave in the morning. There are many different designs to choose from and this list brings you some of the best and most popular designs so that you can find the most perfect bathroom lighting design for your home. These designs are carefully researched so that we only bring you the best. You may also see Bathroom Skylight Designs

Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Bathroom vanity lighting designs surrounds the mirror so that your face is properly illuminated and you can see your face properly. This can be spot lighting or band lighting, and comes in many different designs.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting

modern bathroom vanity lighting

Design by 2id Interiors

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Lighting

rustic bathroom vanity lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern bathroom lighting design is usually a sleek and beautiful lighting design to illuminate the space and allow you to see the entire space properly. These designs are usually small and subtle.

Modern Bathroom Pendant Lighting

modern bathroom pendant lighting

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Bathroom ceiling lighting comes in many different designs and styles and they can be very small and subtle, or large in order to make a statement decoration in the bathroom.

Crystal Bathroom Ceiling Light

crystal bathroom ceiling light

Contemporary Bathroom Ceiling Light

contemporary bathroom ceiling light

Industrial Bathroom Lighting

Industrial bathroom lighting is a style of bathroom lighting that is created with repurposed materials such as metal to create a more industrial and hipster style of bathroom lighting design.

Industrial Bathroom Vanity Lighting

industrial bathroom vanity lighting

Cassia Wyner Design

Vintage Industrial Bathroom Lighting

vintage industrial bathroom lighting

Rustic Bathroom Lighting

Rustic bathroom lighting designs are created with glass elements and distressed metal in order to create beautiful rustic and country styles of lighting for country themed bathrooms.

Country Rustic Bathroom Lighting

country rustic bathroom lighting

Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom wall lighting is mounted on the wall and adds lighting to the bathroom to help illuminate the space. It can be mounted above a mirror or in a shower in order to create a beautiful design for your bathroom.

Bathroom Led Wall Light

bathroom led wall light

Bathroom Mirror Wall Light

bathroom mirror wall light

Bathroom Pendant Lighting

Bathroom pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling and has some kind of round shade made from glass or metal. This style of lighting is lovely for many different designs and style of bathroom to illuminate the space.

Bathroom Hanging Pendant Lighting

bathroom hanging pendant lighting

Bathroom Vanity Pendant Lighting

bathroom vanity pendant lighting

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Contemporary lighting is a modern style of lighting but is also quite a different style of lighting design. This style of lighting is great for modern or unique styles of bathroom in order to tie the space together and give a beautiful finish.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

contemporary crystal bathroom lighting

Contemporary Crystal Bathroom Lighting

contemporary crystal bathroom lighting1

Crystal Bathroom Lighting

Crystal lighting is a very elegant and classy style of lighting that creates a beautiful effect in the bathroom and can make the space feel much more beautiful and tied together perfectly.

Crystal Chandelier Bathroom Lighting

crystal chandelier bathroom lighting

Vintage Bathroom Lighting

Vintage bathroom lighting is a beautiful way to create a vintage theme and style to your bathroom. These lighting styles come in many different designs and can add a gorgeous finish to hipster or classic styles of bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom Pendant Lighting

vintage bathroom pendant lighting

Design by The Ransom Company

Bathroom Track Lighting

Bathroom track lighting is a tracked lighting design on the ceiling that helps to subtly illuminate the space and provide plenty of light to the bathroom or around the mirror to allow you to see properly.

Bathroom Ceiling Track Lighting

bathroom ceiling track lighting

Small Bathroom Lighting

Small bathroom lighting is a subtle way to light a bathroom or the area around a mirror so that you can illuminate the space and provide plenty of light for shaving and applying make up properly.

Small Master Bathroom Lighting

small master bathroom lighting

Hanging Bathroom Lights

Hanging bathroom lighting is best for smaller bathrooms in order to illuminate the space and add a pretty design element into the room.

Hanging Pendant Bathroom Light

hanging pendant bathroom light

Janet Brooks Design

Cottage Bathroom Lighting

Cottage lighting designs are a very pretty and simple, almost rustic design of lighting that features distressed metals, glass elements and simple designs in order to create a beautiful lighting design for a cottage bathroom.

Beach Cottage Bathroom Lighting

beach cottage bathroom lighting

There are many different designs and styles of bathroom lighting design, and this list covers everything from pendant lighting to tracked lighting in order to really tie the room together for a beautiful space. These lighting design ideas offer all of the inspiration that you need for the perfect bathroom lighting design.

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